Required by strong leaders

We often refer to someone, either, STRONG or a sick leader. In many cases, these terms are precisely a form of rhetoric and / or political jargon used to induce a particular image, either positive or negative, to attract individuals to oneself or reduce attraction to others! While there is little doubt that most organizations benefit from the fact that their leaders emphasize the best way to make the group stronger, more appropriate and sustainable, it is usually very little discussion and / or details of what it means or representation. With that in mind, this article will try to briefly analyze, discuss and consider, using a mnemonic approach, some of what this means and representation / requires.

1. Sustainable Solutions, system; Better: We need leaders who provide better methods and ways for groups to proceed appropriately, sustainably! These individuals are usually ones who perceive and think about needs, goals, perceptions and priorities, fully consider and think and perceive, create and implement systems that will attract stakeholders in an inspiring, stimulating way. The focus must be to offer an affordable solution, rather than populism, empty promise and / or rhetoric.

2. Timely: Strong leaders avoid temptation and trap, of deferment! Rather, they continue with constant, timely methods and comprehensive action plans!

3. Relevant, reliable; Responsible: In order to strengthen the organization, a true leader, look for appropriate methods that are both reliable and responsive needs, goals and priorities / views / tasks, of their group!

4. Open minded; options; possibilities: How can someone, unusually, to / left, keep him open? To do that, he must be ready and willing to consider and explore a variety of realistic options and choices, looking for the best opportunities and constantly being prepared to know and benefit from those who are able to introduce themselves!

5. Need nuances: How can anyone be considered a leader to / without the essential focus, based on the needs of the group he offers and the ingredients, his representation? This requires the will and ability to know and realize the necessary nuances, for a particular organization and stakeholders!

6. Create a Kindness, Growth: The most successful leaders understand that they must attract others to their ideas and strategies, and to do that, they will constantly create goodwill! A strong leader emphasizes ways to achieve consistent, stable, regular growth, because for groups to be sustainable, they must grow!

Do you want to be STRONG leader? Are you ready, ready and able to cope with some of these necessities?


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