Satisfaction, happiness or joy you choose

Let's start with a few definitions. First official and then mine.

Pleasure – recreation, relaxation or amusement, especially as different from work or everyday life. Sensation of the senses, especially sexual gratification. Sensation of joy or pleasure. Mine – Temporary pleasure, fun or pleasure.

Happiness – leading unexpectedly to something fun or welcome. Joy, cheerfulness or joy. My – Temporary feelings of pleasure, control, internal peace, acceptance or approval.

Joy – Bliss, nausea, joy of joy. Mine – Easy and patient approach to life that is founded in more than better or external circumstances. Internal joy rather than external joy.

Okay, you ask – based on the above, everything seems very similar. Well yes and no. What I shared a little more and then you can decide who you want in your life.

Pleasure and happiness is usually the result of external circumstances, situations or people. They are both fluid depending on what is happening day by day or minute per minute. Neither lasting a few minutes, hours or a few days. They are wonderful at best. Your favorite team wins. Your child is over. A presentation. New contact begins. A week long vacation. Get it? All of these times lose their impact on our beliefs, emotions or feelings. Also, everyone is relying on something or someone else – not you.

Joy, however, is a mindset that fills every busy moment every day, regardless of what's happening around you – positive or negative.

If you can not bring a sense of happiness to life, you will not be happy but the other two and your reaction will always depend on things going well or right.

The best way to go through life is to make joy fill every busy moment every day, regardless of the challenges, disappointments or frustrations you are facing. Impossible to say? Read on.

I do not need more information about satisfaction or happiness – you know when you are both and why. Oh, a joy, now it's a completely different story.

First, ask me about 1 – 10 scale where you would score your joy now? 10? Come on – get serious, nobody's perfect. 1? Come on, nobody can be as discouraged and read this article. To grow up? Okay. Going down? Okay. The question is – what thoughts, attitudes, opinions or feelings tend to determine your happiness now, in the past, next week or next year? Let's talk about it.

Joy is not dependent on the level of happiness or pleasure, if it is not a joy you have but something else. So what are the factors that contribute to joy? Let me discuss only two.

Your Spiritual Life –

There are many ways to define joy, but for me it is trusting God for the gifts I receive every minute. I'm not going to define happiness from your point of view, but I ask you – do you only feel happy when life goes well or just for gifts every day – 80,000 heartbeats a day, over 40,000 breaths a day, ability to think, create – I could list thousands of blessings that each of us gets as most people take for granted. But consider – at some point you will experience the last breath and you do not know when it will be until you are filled with gratitude for life's simple blessings?

Two questions to consider – are you happy? Do you live every moment thanks or take all your gifts as a matter of course? Why not take time and list all your blessings on one side of the page and all your challenges / problems on the other side. I will make sure – it's no matter what the current circumstances of life are – that you are the highest blessing list will be much longer than your challenge / problem list.

If this is the case, people who live with mentally happy joy live longer, smile and laugh more, go weaker and usually leave more positive inheritance than those who live with guilt, frustration, anger or reason.

Your spiritual life –

Your mind drives everything in your life; good, bad or neutral. First, we think of something, these thoughts drive emotions and emotions. These emotions cause actions, decisions or behaviors. See the problem here? If you do not control your thoughts, you are letting your answers – feelings – determine the quality of your life.

If you want more joy, learn not to control your feelings than to learn how to control your thoughts. Easy? No. Necessary if you want to experience joy? Yes.

You decide – where are you now, where are you regularly and you want to change something, something, everything? You choose.


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