The key to SMART leadership

I have often been asked for four decades to identify, qualify, train, develop and serve in a number of talents, making some true leaders rather than just artificial leaders. It often seems, those who ask, look for magic elixir or secret formula, so keep moving forward, easier using a few shortcuts. Quality leadership is not, one, size – fits – all, activity, but rather, only when there is any, perfect storm or combination of skills, mindset, attitude, judgment, experience and expertise that creates a particular type of relevant phrase that transforms into meaningful wisdom, creates an individual, willing, willing and able to make sensible, well thought-out and timely decisions, in the SMART way. With that in mind, this article will try to briefly review, consider and discuss this key element, actually leading.

1. Strengths; starches; system; solutions; Sustainable: One should begin with an inner, objective, lead, to determine his personal strengths and weaknesses, using strengths effectively, but dealing with weaknesses. How you continue, determines if he will go stronger than when he took office. When focusing on realistic solutions, rather than empty discourse or to blame and complain, the best systems will be used for sustainability.

2. Make the mark; control; motivation; Recall: Leaders must share credit, encourage and encourage others to increase their willingness to gain more involvement and commitment. To do so, constantly mention, and show you appreciate their efforts. How will you make your mark, the better?

Attitude; fitness; attention; fix; Functions: Discourse and promise is not leading, but expressed encouraging, appropriate message, true, the first step. By combining positively, gladly, attitude, appropriate talent and leading your actions is the key to success.

4. Appropriate; reliable; fair; ratione; responsible; Realistic: Looking or working busy or even being it matters is important when a person's leadership is appropriate and reliable. Keep up with reasonable expectations, and take your ratione carefully. One is not leading unless he continues responsibly.

5. overdue; schedule; development; reliable; trust: How do you show, you are trustworthy and worthy of others' trust. Do you want to tell the truth, rather than using a shortcut.? Keep well organized, schedule, use it and continue, well thought, timely.

SMART leaders often seem to be few and far between. Are you reading yours?


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