The leader involves followers

There are times when a leader has to follow others. When this happens, you need a good follow-up and do not undermine the chosen leader. The role of the followers is to support the goals of the teams by doing what you are told and asking poor decisions – exactly the same as you want from your followers. A typical leader-like follower scenario usually occurs when the acquired team or boards are established. Use this opportunity to develop your skills to track – it will make you a better manager.

Tracking ships are as important as leadership in which a leader without good followers will fail. Supporting leaders requires followers to trust the decisions made by the leader. Attachments can be difficult with administrators as they are used to being responsible and usually try to manage a group. Make it your goal to catch yourself when you ignore or even underline management decisions. It is best to recommend other methods of private ownership. This is not to say you should silence in the forums – just play that low key and do not be quick to give direction. This will strengthen group sponsorship and demonstrate that you are just part of the group. A leader's leader shows that they understand the importance of someone being in charge. It affects self-confidence in self-ability and shows inner strength to take less role in the good. Developing both leadership and tracking skills will make you better in both. I always expect that I should follow how I want people to follow me.

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