Embrace your humanity

Lets in love with your humanity, your failability, your flaws, perceived your flaws, your perception, your mistakes, your mistakes and anything else you perceive as "less perfect about yourself." Yes, you read it correctly – I beg you to fall in love with all this!

Why? Because what it means to reserve your independence unconditionally – that means you accept everything, not just those things that you like. When you're totally in love with all of your elements, you'll be happy, alone, and will feel truly beloved (even if nobody else loves you).

I was excited to read about Kathryn Schulz – she is a graduate of TedTalks. I think it's great that someone has made a career of learning our humanity! She encourages us not only to acknowledge We are doing wrong, but embracing it. She said: "Most of us will do something to avoid being wrong. But what if we do wrong? "

Indeed, we are wrong about this … We have trained us in American culture to be" the best you can be " – which is great if we interpret it correctly. But somehow, we've translated what means to be perfect, "and we recommend against the impossible measure. What ever happens, we never say, and we find "less than" stressed, surprising, anxious, not good enough ", etc.

But her irony is – we did this for us! We do not have to think like this. And today is as good a day as everyone to transform these crazy faiths around – to switch to one of our human fillings, love our imperfections – fully embrace our humanity.

It's a movie clip for a movie called "Tree of Life" and says one of the characters: "Without love, your life will blink." And that's exactly what happens to us when we do not really love us – we'll live in the future when we get better when we get closer to our image of perfection and as a result, we miss precious moments in our lives.

Do not let your life blow off – decided to love h be a little bit about yourself! If you need help, please check my previous post, "Presents of Mind" for the steps you can take to change the negative thought of positive thinking. Apply these steps to your thoughts about yourself, your body, your habits, your thinking, your folly, your humanity.

Love, love, love yourself and everything about you – you're incredible being light, wonder, fear, weekend and beauty. You come from nothing less than divinity and perfection.

And you're here to live human life. Recognize your human nature and embrace it.


Thanksgiving – The Perfect Gift for Personal Happiness

Your life is the perfect gift you can get. But not everyone considers life a special gift. For others it is a burden and a curse. But those who regard life as a gift are often those who appreciate almost everything that life has to offer – and they also live a happy life.

When someone offers you a great gift, you say, "thank you" or "I'm grateful for this." This feeling of gratitude is the most natural answer when you receive a special gift, whether it is physical or not. Without you, thank you for the perfect gift of life, you will never have a chance of happiness and happiness.

The search for happiness

From ancient times, men and women have traveled to the longest corner just to seek happiness in their lives. Today, we live in a modern and civilized world that describes us in things that distract us from seeing the meaning of life and absorbing our joy. We live in the world of stress, group pressure, challenging bosses, neighbors, unhealthy lifestyles, jealousy, anger and greed – and everyone seems to take control of the bike and dominate the lives of many people. So many today have become like random attacks of ants, hoping to get home, but unfortunately failed to do that.

Everyone wants a special gift of happiness, but not everyone finds it because some people hamper the joy behind a heavy, locked door with special key heat. This door can be opened with only one key – attitude gratitude.

Analog Beecher

Henry Ward Beecher, a prominent and influential priest in the 19th century, spoke of a striking counterpart showing the value of appreciation. Imagine a bar of sand mixed with rail. If you jump the sand through your fingers and look for the railways you can not find them all. But if you sweep a magnet through the sand, you'll see how the iron particles thrive just below the magnet. Beecher deaf at home point out further: when the heart is not thoughtful, as the fingers look for the iron grabs, it does not feel anything; But if you hold gratitude in your heart and go through the day with gratitude, you will "find some heavenly blessings at any time."

Those railways in the sand stand for a special gift of happiness that every individual desires. Beecher continued to say that in God's sand, they are not railways at all except precious gold. The only way to find them is to use a magnetically grateful heart. By greeting gratitude in your heart, you live happily each other, minute and hour of each day because you are wary of both large and small things that you can be grateful for.

To be happy, be grateful

Grateful heart not only feels warmth of happiness but also gratitude easier than unreachable heart. The simplest and easiest way to express gratitude is of course the magical words "Thank you." But if you are truly a grateful person, words will never be enough to express your gratitude for the special gift you received. Thus you write thanksgiving, send out thank you cards, and give you a little gratitude for people who have been kind to you.

But what do you do for those who do not want to see your gratitude? What do you mean the dog who taught you the value of patience by chewing on your shoes or slippers? How do you say thank you – and what – for the job that puts bread on your table? What did you do with painful events in life and difficulties that sharpen you and shape yourself into a better person? What do you do for future gifts that come from unknown or non-specific gifts? For these gifts, give gratitude to your heart and mind, because that's where the rhythm of happiness begins to flow toward everything and everyone who surrounds you. Thank you for everything big and small. And when an opportunity arises, show gratitude with your work as well.

Many things that surround us tend to cover our way to happy life. But thanks to our gratitude can explain our way there. If you learn the art of gratitude, happiness will just be a step away. Thank you for the perfect gift of life today?


The importance of the family in our lives

The family is a very important part of our daily lives. It helps us improve our personality. It also helps us shape our lives. It teaches us the value of love, affection, caring, truth and self-esteem, and provides us with tools and suggestions that are essential for success in life.

Family is a place where you can be yourself. It is a place where you are approved for what you are. This is where you are completely exciting and everyone is there to help you. A family encourages you when you are surrounded by problems. It helps you to live through difficult times and bring joy and happiness into life.

Destiny is very important in the communication of daily life. It helps us make a strong relationship with others and make us appear as a very gentle, intelligent and apt person. Everyone loves to be in a company of such a person. A family helps by leading to the humble people of our lives, which is necessary to lead a happy life.

One of the most important goals of our lives is to build a successful and highly rewarding career. Our families help us create a strong future. It gives us valuable suggestions about different jobs. It not only helps us choose the best but also financially helps us to achieve the cost of education. So it helps us make a good future.

The importance of family is probably realized when one went on vacation or celebrated without family members. It was very difficult to celebrate or go on vacation without being surrounded by family members. At that time, we probably understand how important it is to us. At that time we will know about the importance of our families.

Today, most people do not recognize the importance of the family. They choose to spend most of their time with their friends. But when they are surrounded by problems, it was their family who helped them get rid of problems. At that time, even when our best friends refused to help us, it was our family who came to help us. So it's very important for each person to focus their family on everything else and enjoy spending time with family members.


Are too many options really good for us?

If you were alive during the Cold War, you heard stories of deprivation in the former Soviet Union. People waited for a couple of hours in hopes of getting bread and other basic needs.

When you finally arrived, and you could come into the store, you did not get a lot of goods at your fingertips. There was one type of toothpaste, one type of soup, one type of bread and one type of soap – if any of this was available at all.

We are immensely blessed to live in such great nature. Think of a wide range of products available when you stroll down the trails in your local great market. They are overwhelming.

Fifteen types of deodorant vie for your attention. Twenty-three types of hand washing want you to take them home and swallow them up. More varieties of beef, chicken, pork, sausage, vegetables, bread … and again and again … call us: "Choose me!"

Okay, I live more in a country than the poor. No doubt. But I sometimes wonder what this (over?) Abundance makes us.

Have you ever walked away, if you have chosen a household like a soap, you only have the feeling that you have not chosen the "best" one? Have you ever found yourself working on the shelves of certain parts, read the mark carefully and wonder who is the one you should take off the shelf?

Have you ever felt gratitude for your life, though you live in a great country and you have never lost a meal against your will or because there was not enough food to go around? Even if you can choose 48 rooms in fresheners? Even if you can wear some of the 33 shirt and slacks in your closet – yet you think you have nothing to wear?

Maybe, too many options introduce gratitude and dissatisfaction. Some spend more time working on color palettes for the wall wall in the bathroom than they do over their emotional or spiritual heaths.

We take a granite type to have our kitchen bowls – even if they are just opposite. And what difference is that?

I wonder if there is too much that causes us to give insignificant things (like deodorant choice and coloration) too much attention. And I wonder if the time we spend splitting the hair between almost the same product is actually depressing our mind and spirit? Just wondering.


Use colors to reduce stress and increase happiness

Have you ever felt certain emotions when looking at color? If your walls were painted dark brown, would it create a sense of happiness when you entered? What about the color yellow? Does it make you happy happy thoughts? Is you upset up? Colors have been shown to affect us in physical and emotional ways. Egyptians, in ancient times, used colors to handle many problems.

There are many ways to use color to improve your well-being. Think about the colors you have – your clothes, furniture, walls, car and jewelry. If you have some things of the same color, this color is probably the one that makes you feel happy, relax, safe or excited. Colors can cause the body to respond in a certain way. Did you know that different colors can help relieve stress and anxiety? Colors have been linked to the body's frequency of energy. Choosing to use certain colors can have a positive effect on our feelings.

The following colors create special energy and effects in our body :

Yellow helps us find a spiritual warning and clear our minds.
Light green creates unintentionally and is refreshing.
Rich Green has energy charity and has a harmonious effect.
Pale Blue has the power of communication and has a calming effect.
Pink creates unconditional love and has a release effect.
Gold improves self-esteem and renews.
Silver activates inner knowledge and is calming.
Violet gives insight and has an encouraging effect.

Use colors to help you get stress from your life:

Think about the effects of color that may have on you when choosing what to wear every day. Add color accessories to help create the mood you want. You can choose to wear yellow scarf or topaz jewelry when you need to concentrate on this day at work.

Add a little gold jewelry to enhance your self-esteem when you interview. Paint your office yellow to help you focus and brighten your day. Use silver jewelry for sedative effects.

When decorating, use colors like pale blue, silver and rich green which will create a soothing and soothing environment. Surround yourself with rich green plants to create a harmonious space filled with love. Change the emerald necklace, ring or earrings to find the baby.

Use a purple scarf when you need to think about a new idea or method of doing things. Get a pale blue kitchen table (or maybe get pale blue or a pair of pale pink flowers in a pocket) to enhance family communication. Buy a silver car to calm yourself when you drive.

Paint your bedroom pink (there are many pale) or rich green to help find love. Buy some raised quartz jewelry to get the feeling of unconditional love. Put green clothes on to get a refreshing effect. Use amethyst jewelry to provide insight and inspiration.

Think of color when you live your life. Choose colors that make you happy. Add calming and loving colors to your home. Change colors that do not make you happy. Color your world with love.


7 ways to count your blessings always no trouble for happier lives

Why do your blessings count and not your trouble? Counting your blessings puts you in gratitude that opens the flow to attract more happiness and abundance in your life.

Do you make a mountain from your "Malta"? & # 39; Trouble? Whatever you focus on costs and appears larger than what may be true to your life. The more you emphasize what you have no more dissatisfaction with the life you become.

When you draw attention to all your goodness you already have, you find yourself seeing things you have not noticed before and mature your life.

Let's examine 7 ways on different sides of your life, so you can start to trust your blessings instead of your troubles.

Blessing # 1 – Your Vision

You are reading this article right? Be grateful that you have the ability to read this article so you can enrich your life. Some are not this stronghold; either because they can not read or they can not see finding the information themselves to read it.

And if you know someone in your life who could use this information and they can not read you can be the light source for them and read it for them. What about doing your good work?

Blessing # 2 – Your Health

Could you go up tomorrow, have your favorite breakfast, go for a walk? Many people are not able to do it, so you will be very grateful. Without your health, you might not be able to do all the actions you normally take on a daily basis.

Blessing # 3 – Your Partner

Your partner can not do anything you want him to do or like you, but do not wait until he or she is no longer in your life to regret it to evaluate them. Look for good at your partner.

Sometimes it seems good to be cloudy because it's not so good but remember that Molehill we were talking about earlier? Well, if you change your mind to evaluate the good, you will find that you see more of your partner's positive qualities than negative.

Blessing # 4 – Your Child

Your child gives you stress now? Perhaps it's time to review how you respond to him or her. Love is always the answer to all situations, and when you allow the power of love to be a leader in your discipline, the result will always be positive in the long run.

It's a privilege to be a parent because it teaches you many lessons of patience and selflessness and much more.

Blessing # 5 – Your Friends

Are you a very good friend? They are those who do not allow you to self-despair, those who are sometimes annoying when you want to give up but are there to introduce you. Be happy to be there in your life now. Good friends are priceless.

Blessings # 6 – Your Parents

Your parents were chosen by divine dating, although you may have some regret if you do not have the greatest childhood. But look for the positive lessons you've learned along the way. If you have great parents, be grateful that their lesson, their life, has shaped you into the one you are today.

Blessings # 7 – You

This may be the most important of all 7 of these blessings – You. You are here and you are the most important piece of puzzle to your happiness. You can change yourself. Regardless of your past, you can start again. No matter what happened today, yesterday, for 10 years, you can choose to start again. That's all – you.


Shmirshky: The quest for hormone happiness

All I wanted to know when I opened this book is what is Shmirshky. Well, it's nickname Dolgene for a woman's private life. We all have nicknames but Shmirshky is not just a name but a symbol or presentation of all women who experience menopause. All you would like to know about menopause is in this book. It was very thoughtful and experienced for me to read this. I did not know what happened to me and Dolgen discusses all the symptoms, how to deal with them and how to get the right medicine for treatment. She provides advice on how to find the right doctor to help you get through PM & M, impressed with the term menopause.

Women need to understand that they are not alone. Dolgen shares the experiences of her own and many other women she has interviewed and asked very sensitive questions. She comes with siblings by informing the reader about what changes are taking place and how to get the family involved and being supportive. After all, they will go through this with you. The reader will be able to ask for help and talk with family members about PM & M. Owners and children will benefit from reading Shmirshky as well. No longer do women have to hide in shame. This book describes many changes a woman can go through experiencing PM and M.

Dolgen has introduced new vocabulary for abbreviations for women, men and family members. In the back of the book, she offers definitions of medical terms and all the abbreviations she uses through the book. Readers will find a hormone treatment label, hormone label, website supplies, daily symptoms and diary. Every woman needs to get through this process that none of us can escape. Do not think if you have heart rhythm you must be free of. Dolgen also has a part about it. She emphasizes not to run in surgery because it is dangerous and you still end up through menopause. She even talks with women who share experiences with what happened to them after surgery.

Shmirshky is an important book for all women. I highly recommend this wonderful and informative book for families too. It's quick to read and you'll laugh, cry and totally connect with these women and their stories. Thanks Ellen, for sharing so much wonderful information.


Be happy at work

According to Abe Bakhsheshy, Managing Customer Service at the University of Utah Hospital, "Happy employees see more for quality and revenue. They create an atmosphere that reduces conflict and sales, which makes customers happy and satisfied." (quoted by Dave Hemsath and Leslie Yerkes in 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work, page 56).

Practicing character qualities and developing them as strengths contributes to your happiness and success in your work as an employee and the success of your business. Examples of visits that you can practice are commitment, cooperation, courtesy, friendship, kindness, honesty, patience or credibility. Summit and Planning Consultant Stephen R. Covey, in the principle of central guidance, points out that "characteristics and skills development is a process of continuous improvement or progression, constantly on the spiral. System and part of that value system means you are always getting better, personal and professional . "(p. 253)

In addition, personal computers really follow your decisions and formulate your ethics. For example, when you respect your company and mentors, you will not even consider sending private information to competitors. Lack of respect can, however, lead you to respond in such a way as to increase unhappiness for both others and yourself.

Do you consider your business a happy place to work? What is your responsibility for happiness there? Do you want extra happiness at the workplace? You can not realize how much impact you have. Even one happy man in the department can have a positive impact on others and the atmosphere there. View your identity. Have you decided that you are powerless to be happier at work? Can you see how increasing your own happiness could affect others with what you work?

Of course, the company's culture has a lot to do with its employees & # 39; congratulate you. Organizations that demonstrate the attitude of service and commitment to moral behavior tend to be happier places of work. Also, companies are under the control of positive principles such as caring for the environment (characteristic of love and respect), abortion (cooperation) and openness, openness, credibility. Authors What Happy Companies Know, do it this way:

"To build a happy business, you must find a few holders of real-life principals who can revolutionize the culture into each level and into each and every one of their behavior. The principles must become such a part of culture that they will not only prevent each worker but eventually appear in the actual physiology of each individual, in the wiring of the individual's brain and in the balance of the heart and heart. "(p. 115)

When individuals practice and increase their use of personalities at work, a synergy effect develops between the management company principles and individual choices. Everybody benefits from it.


Health: Create optimal health and happiness. A little step at a time

You can create the best health and live happier than you think.

You know your life does not look exactly the way you want it now. What do you do to make the changes you really want to do?

Before you feel too surprised to keep thinking there's no way to go because you're not where you want to be, the gaps are too wide to cross without doing too much work deep breathe and continue reading.

Feel more relax now? Great.

You see a change happening gradually. When you make one small change, you can easily handle it, but you would always try to jump from your current position at the end of the game.

You can do something if it fits into your life right? And you can do it without focusing on you without wearing yourself and without being annoying yourself because the project shows too hard for you.

Start on your big picture marker and break it down to the small goal you'll need to get on your way to the end of the game.

What do I mean?

Say you want to start getting healthier by taking care of your body. You choose to eliminate eating snacks for a period of one month.

Every night when you find yourself anything that allows you to grab something to mocha ahead of the bed, make a conscious choice to live now, at the moment and distract yourself from actions that mind you and allow you to forget to eat something you do not really need.

Repeat new behavior every night for 28 days. Every day, you can increase your motivation to resume your behavior. And you will do it without causing you pain or feeling of deprivation.

I know you can do it if you really want. You know that too. So what are you waiting for?

Get started now!


Happy chat and 3 simple secrets to happiness

What's the only thing you want more than anything else for the people you love the most? If you have magic, what would you give your family and friends? What is everyone wanting?

To be happy!

How can you do anything else until you're happy? How can you be happy?

Lester Levenson, author of The Sedona Method, discovered the key to happiness. He searched for 47 years and almost died while he found it. Do you want to know what it is?

Lester had a breakthrough after a great soul search and found out how to be happy only after reviewing his entire life. He saw a common pattern, one that was present in all happy moments.

He felt happy when he found another man's love. And when he felt some other feeling he was not happy.

Try this rule for you. Think of time when you were happy happy. Did you like to love at the time? This works for me every time. Is this easy or what? Simply amazing!

If this sounds too simple at work, I know you have not tested it yourself. Switching off a light bulb is easy too because someone else figured it out!

Now is the time for Happy Talk or how to talk to your family and friends happily …

1. Be happy with you

Use twenty minutes to ask you:

  • Who do I love most in my life?
  • What do I love most about myself?
  • What do I love most in my life?

After doing this workout you will feel much happier. And you'll have done it without spending money on expensive clothes, cars or holidays!

2. Distribute happiness

Now that you feel comfortable, you will radiate this to what you spend time with. Happiness is contagious. Just be yourself and watch happiness by asking yourself of the above three questions when you're in a company.

3. Show your friends and family how to be happy

Depending on how well you know your friends, you may want to approach this step in one of two ways.

If you want to play it safe please ask your friend to talk about time when she was happy. Let her talk and listen just as she revives these wonderful times from the past.

Share your favorite girls too. Enjoy you!

If the people you have are more open to the ideas we are discussing here, take them through the steps I've reached in section one. Ask these questions:

  • Who do you love most in my life?
  • What do you love most about me?
  • What items do you love most in my life?

Dalai Lama teaches that the purpose of life is to be happy. Keep on living for purpose with your family and friends!