7 ways to count your blessings always no trouble for happier lives

Why do your blessings count and not your trouble? Counting your blessings puts you in gratitude that opens the flow to attract more happiness and abundance in your life.

Do you make a mountain from your "Malta"? & # 39; Trouble? Whatever you focus on costs and appears larger than what may be true to your life. The more you emphasize what you have no more dissatisfaction with the life you become.

When you draw attention to all your goodness you already have, you find yourself seeing things you have not noticed before and mature your life.

Let's examine 7 ways on different sides of your life, so you can start to trust your blessings instead of your troubles.

Blessing # 1 – Your Vision

You are reading this article right? Be grateful that you have the ability to read this article so you can enrich your life. Some are not this stronghold; either because they can not read or they can not see finding the information themselves to read it.

And if you know someone in your life who could use this information and they can not read you can be the light source for them and read it for them. What about doing your good work?

Blessing # 2 – Your Health

Could you go up tomorrow, have your favorite breakfast, go for a walk? Many people are not able to do it, so you will be very grateful. Without your health, you might not be able to do all the actions you normally take on a daily basis.

Blessing # 3 – Your Partner

Your partner can not do anything you want him to do or like you, but do not wait until he or she is no longer in your life to regret it to evaluate them. Look for good at your partner.

Sometimes it seems good to be cloudy because it's not so good but remember that Molehill we were talking about earlier? Well, if you change your mind to evaluate the good, you will find that you see more of your partner's positive qualities than negative.

Blessing # 4 – Your Child

Your child gives you stress now? Perhaps it's time to review how you respond to him or her. Love is always the answer to all situations, and when you allow the power of love to be a leader in your discipline, the result will always be positive in the long run.

It's a privilege to be a parent because it teaches you many lessons of patience and selflessness and much more.

Blessing # 5 – Your Friends

Are you a very good friend? They are those who do not allow you to self-despair, those who are sometimes annoying when you want to give up but are there to introduce you. Be happy to be there in your life now. Good friends are priceless.

Blessings # 6 – Your Parents

Your parents were chosen by divine dating, although you may have some regret if you do not have the greatest childhood. But look for the positive lessons you've learned along the way. If you have great parents, be grateful that their lesson, their life, has shaped you into the one you are today.

Blessings # 7 – You

This may be the most important of all 7 of these blessings – You. You are here and you are the most important piece of puzzle to your happiness. You can change yourself. Regardless of your past, you can start again. No matter what happened today, yesterday, for 10 years, you can choose to start again. That's all – you.


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