A positive view of anger and forgiveness

Abuse of children is a crime. It violates not only the rules of morality and society, it is also a sign of how wicked and wicked men can become, especially when they are despised and unruly. There have been so many negative impressions vis-à-vis children who had sex and abuse. The laws are hard when it comes to giving victims justice and punishment for violence.

But we should all understand that no matter how worrying and unethical a particular act is, everyone is still responsible for forgiveness. As Christians, we need to examine the experiences of sexual violence as something that is very unfortunate and also a measure of our strong faith in God.

Every victim of sexual abuse has different viewpoints and responses to dealing with trauma and pain. The difference is also the reason why some can forgive and go on while others choose to live with the burden of anger and anger. But if there is a strong Christian foundation and faith in God, forgiveness and elimination anger is easy to achieve.

Nevertheless, Christian views do not mean that anger generally is unhealthy. Indeed, victims of sexual abuse may show their anger to dissolve. However, anger should not be directed at destroying a particular person, say the attacker. It must aim to rule out trauma and eventually kill the root of the problem.

God does not allow us to judge others. Although the law provides a certain form of punishment for children's offenders, victims may not undertake to conduct their own revenge agreement against those who abuse them. If they do, they are building anger against the insult. If they continue to think of revenge and repayment, healing will never be possible. Anger and hatred are two negative answers that will consume victims until they grow old. They will live life full of misery and pain.

Victims must therefore look at wrath as something needed to heal. In terms of forgiveness, showing compassion does not mean they can abuse. It's just a manifestation that they are ready to eliminate the bitterness within them. Being able to recover means concentrating on what is best for the victim. While it seems difficult and rather difficult to forgive those who abused you, there is never a show or expression to accept that justice has gone away. Forgiveness is based on the fundamental teaching of Christianity – that everyone should give other people the opportunity to change their paths and ultimately eliminate evil in them.


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