Are too many options really good for us?

If you were alive during the Cold War, you heard stories of deprivation in the former Soviet Union. People waited for a couple of hours in hopes of getting bread and other basic needs.

When you finally arrived, and you could come into the store, you did not get a lot of goods at your fingertips. There was one type of toothpaste, one type of soup, one type of bread and one type of soap – if any of this was available at all.

We are immensely blessed to live in such great nature. Think of a wide range of products available when you stroll down the trails in your local great market. They are overwhelming.

Fifteen types of deodorant vie for your attention. Twenty-three types of hand washing want you to take them home and swallow them up. More varieties of beef, chicken, pork, sausage, vegetables, bread … and again and again … call us: "Choose me!"

Okay, I live more in a country than the poor. No doubt. But I sometimes wonder what this (over?) Abundance makes us.

Have you ever walked away, if you have chosen a household like a soap, you only have the feeling that you have not chosen the "best" one? Have you ever found yourself working on the shelves of certain parts, read the mark carefully and wonder who is the one you should take off the shelf?

Have you ever felt gratitude for your life, though you live in a great country and you have never lost a meal against your will or because there was not enough food to go around? Even if you can choose 48 rooms in fresheners? Even if you can wear some of the 33 shirt and slacks in your closet – yet you think you have nothing to wear?

Maybe, too many options introduce gratitude and dissatisfaction. Some spend more time working on color palettes for the wall wall in the bathroom than they do over their emotional or spiritual heaths.

We take a granite type to have our kitchen bowls – even if they are just opposite. And what difference is that?

I wonder if there is too much that causes us to give insignificant things (like deodorant choice and coloration) too much attention. And I wonder if the time we spend splitting the hair between almost the same product is actually depressing our mind and spirit? Just wondering.


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