Embrace your humanity

Lets in love with your humanity, your failability, your flaws, perceived your flaws, your perception, your mistakes, your mistakes and anything else you perceive as "less perfect about yourself." Yes, you read it correctly – I beg you to fall in love with all this!

Why? Because what it means to reserve your independence unconditionally – that means you accept everything, not just those things that you like. When you're totally in love with all of your elements, you'll be happy, alone, and will feel truly beloved (even if nobody else loves you).

I was excited to read about Kathryn Schulz – she is a graduate of TedTalks. I think it's great that someone has made a career of learning our humanity! She encourages us not only to acknowledge We are doing wrong, but embracing it. She said: "Most of us will do something to avoid being wrong. But what if we do wrong? "

Indeed, we are wrong about this … We have trained us in American culture to be" the best you can be " – which is great if we interpret it correctly. But somehow, we've translated what means to be perfect, "and we recommend against the impossible measure. What ever happens, we never say, and we find "less than" stressed, surprising, anxious, not good enough ", etc.

But her irony is – we did this for us! We do not have to think like this. And today is as good a day as everyone to transform these crazy faiths around – to switch to one of our human fillings, love our imperfections – fully embrace our humanity.

It's a movie clip for a movie called "Tree of Life" and says one of the characters: "Without love, your life will blink." And that's exactly what happens to us when we do not really love us – we'll live in the future when we get better when we get closer to our image of perfection and as a result, we miss precious moments in our lives.

Do not let your life blow off – decided to love h be a little bit about yourself! If you need help, please check my previous post, "Presents of Mind" for the steps you can take to change the negative thought of positive thinking. Apply these steps to your thoughts about yourself, your body, your habits, your thinking, your folly, your humanity.

Love, love, love yourself and everything about you – you're incredible being light, wonder, fear, weekend and beauty. You come from nothing less than divinity and perfection.

And you're here to live human life. Recognize your human nature and embrace it.


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