Finding our happiness flow: A Review

When I broke a book on Amazon, I learned something my eye and turned my interest on reading the booklet, which I can say, really longed for me to buy it. It is the book "Finding our happiness", written by Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, life coach and international speaker who is an expert in human resource counseling for twenty five years.

Now I began to wonder, what is a true happiness? With all the pressure and demands of life and society, can you be truly satisfied? Am I satisfied? These are just a few of the questions I asked myself when I'm working with the book.

What I love about the first chapter is the story of God and Jim, the one who continues to pray to God everywhere. Then God appeared to him and asked him for his final wish, all he wanted. God taught him what he needs. Well, the core value of the story is that happiness is happiness. When one learns to be content with all that he has, he will definitely be happy.

Gratitude and determination

Dr. Robert Puff mentioned in the book that means things will keep us from achieving real happiness. In his book, he recommends taking slower, long walks, listening to nature and seeing things without having to decipher but just by looking at them as new and new. Thus, we will definitely enjoy the trip and see the world as a happy and beautiful place to live in.

In addition, the author emphasized that in order to be truly happy one has to be sincere. Only to achieve our goals like fame, money or success, but to be happy ones. One can be successful without being happy. We must be flexible and accept that life can change.

Live life in full

Dr. Robert Puff mentioned in a section we can learn with his nursery, one of the few who won a bronze award. Despite the fact that her many years won a gold medal, thanked the child what she got and did not abuse what other children received. That's the main thing in history, we should never compare with other people. We should not push ourselves too much to get something just because others did. When we compare with others, we increase our opportunity to lead a living life.

The book can teach us to evaluate what we have, emphasize what we love to do and live in full. We should be open to the possibility that we can fail, but that's what we feel, work and sometimes fail, to teach us something and make us stronger.

The media

The media have a major impact on our lives. What we see on the TV or what we read on different systems can cover the community, especially if it's about wealth and power. The book recommends that before you do something like a dietician, looking at a sexual TV show or something that changes our lifestyle, we need to ask ourselves if this is good for us. Do they make us happy and healthy? Answering these questions will bring us more benefits that will bring us happiness.

There are many more thoughts in the book that are undoubtedly fundamental and something we should think about to achieve the happiness we understand. I, myself, find this book enriching and inspired. It's great to know that little things can really mean a lot and can also make you happy even on the simplest route. The book is full of true and uplifting stories that cite conversation.

If you'd like to know more about the book, go to and search for the book "Finding Our Happiness Flow" by Dr Robert Puff. Begin to discover yourself more and be determined and sure what and how you can make yourself happy.


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