Happiness: The goal

Money can buy happiness, but for a limited time! Let me explain. You see, money must combine consciousness that knows how to use the money to benefit him with the money. Money or something else, which is only owned for your own sake, does not work and even creates sadness by using not productive. Indeed, it's really attractive to use things right and to be truly productive in every sense that honestly believes.

When I think of happiness and productivity, it's a loner: I think about Ebenezer Scrooge, before and after ghosts, he visited Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol' story. Yes, we can all upload wealth, but if we do not totally or use it productively, what's it really worth? Nothing. Therefore, I always want to find out that wealth for the sake of "righteous possession" is not wealthy. Its use in a productive way, real and implementing, is close to real money, but not entirely there. Being truly committed to enjoying what you do honestly in every way and creating a wonderful life there is there. That's where real wealth and happiness is. Sure, you can argue that "Do not a lottery work without work unless you buy real money money too?" I would say, unless they are used to spare, they are not empty. It's also rare that these lottery lotteries know what to do with a lot of money too. Indeed, this is another example of wealth because of wealth without awareness in cases where people end up poorer than before because they do not know what to do.

I'm not against wealth, but I'm all happy and productivity along with wealth.

Sure, I could say the standard, "get everything you can" write an article. Here, however, I want to get into the hearts of wealth and happiness that really works to make a better life and existence. Ebenezer Scrooge made him wake up and this could be yours if you make it. So I will say that this is "getting everything you can and use it just as you can and will" article. That's what I mean. After all, in my humble opinion and reality, true wealth is combined with happiness and productivity, or it is the most offensive and goal of poverty.


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