Overcome the Blahs – how to change your mood in two simple steps

This morning, I woke up less than happy. I did not want to do any exercises! I could not figure out what created my mood. I just woke up like that. I felt very depressed … even a bit of depression. Now I'm not saying this happens on a regular basis, but I think it happens to us all at one time or another. We are usually pretty good and cheerful, at least willing to start the day, but once upon a while we get into "mood" without understanding why.

Rather than trying to understand HOW I was feeling this way, I realized that it was important to do something about it. When we look good, we can analyze everything we want, but it rarely makes us better. It has at least been your own experience. As a spokesman for self-government, I take every opportunity to strengthen me and I knew I could achieve this blue feeling.

Always my favorite device to overcome any kind of obstacle is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping as it is sometimes called. It's so simple and easy to use, even a child could do it and I've found the results to be quite amazing. Without a word of lies, it has transformed my life. EFT is based on marmonium or acupressure levels (without needles). So, I did the following to overcome my blahs:

Step # 1: Verify How You Feel

You may find that you support negative peace of mind by acknowledging your feelings. But the fact is, you feel how you feel and try to sweep it under the floor and pretend you do not feel blah, will not do anything good at all. That's what it is. So simple. And no amount of "positive" numbers will hide it.

Through the following routine, try to find feelings of paper, sadness, or whatever – in it. I usually close my eyes and try to get in touch with what I feel. Sometimes I feel tightness or some other physical feeling somewhere in my body, but not always. At other times, I will get an idea of ​​what has caused my feeling, but not always. Just go with what's coming up.
Begin with the installation method that recognizes the feelings you currently find:

While I'm Depressed / Blas / Out of It (or whatever you feel like) I (choose) love and accept me anyway.

Repeat this statement three times while you click the karate hit point with your fingertips. Karate hit point is the meatbone next to your hand just below your little finger. Tap light and fairly quickly when repeating the installation. There is very little you can do wrong in EFT, but if you want more guidelines, I have a promotional video on my website.

After the installation summary, click the following points with your fingertips 5-7 times. You can use the center and index finger or all fingers. It does not matter. You can also use either or both hands. But it might get a little complicated if you do not know EFT! While you're on, repeat a short phrase that consists of your installation, such as " feeling blah".

(EB) Augabrún (Inside the Eyebrow)

(SE) Eyelids (Between Eyes and Temple, Near Eyes)

(UE) Under Eyes

(UN under the nose (between the upper lip and the nose)

(CH) chin (chest under the lower lip) 19659002] (CB) collar bone (approximately inches under the collar bone, below and a little left

(UA) underarm (about 3 "under the armpit)

(19659002) (WR) Wrists (where the hand bends)

(TH) Top of the head (on the skull) 19659002] Now breathe deep.

make sure you feel better. I certainly was! If you do not find any changes, or feel a little better, try to do all the habits again, but it's still added to "setting" in your setup and summary phrase.
Even though I'm still depressed / blunt / out of it (or whatever you feel) I ( choose

St ep # 2: Strengthen Better Feelings

When I had finished the first round of EFT I was certainly happy and was ready to start the day. However, I want to finish my EFT meetings with some positive affirmations using the tapping points above.

  • Tap through the points (EC to TH) repeat positive confirmation like:

    • I'm so grateful for
    • This too should be
    • My life is good
    • I'm loved and thank you

    Use any confirmation that is right for you.

    What I'm gonna tap on, I often find that the resolution is no longer true when I go through the dots. This happens when the "negative" feeling is released and is perfectly normal. It is a sign that the cause of the problem is to cure. What could be simpler than that!

    This habit will even work with deaf depression, but may require a persistent approach. I would highly recommend finding a EFT practitioner if you have chronic depression or other acute pain. But, for unique blahs, use EFT and take away your blues! It works every time!


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