Shmirshky: The quest for hormone happiness

All I wanted to know when I opened this book is what is Shmirshky. Well, it's nickname Dolgene for a woman's private life. We all have nicknames but Shmirshky is not just a name but a symbol or presentation of all women who experience menopause. All you would like to know about menopause is in this book. It was very thoughtful and experienced for me to read this. I did not know what happened to me and Dolgen discusses all the symptoms, how to deal with them and how to get the right medicine for treatment. She provides advice on how to find the right doctor to help you get through PM & M, impressed with the term menopause.

Women need to understand that they are not alone. Dolgen shares the experiences of her own and many other women she has interviewed and asked very sensitive questions. She comes with siblings by informing the reader about what changes are taking place and how to get the family involved and being supportive. After all, they will go through this with you. The reader will be able to ask for help and talk with family members about PM & M. Owners and children will benefit from reading Shmirshky as well. No longer do women have to hide in shame. This book describes many changes a woman can go through experiencing PM and M.

Dolgen has introduced new vocabulary for abbreviations for women, men and family members. In the back of the book, she offers definitions of medical terms and all the abbreviations she uses through the book. Readers will find a hormone treatment label, hormone label, website supplies, daily symptoms and diary. Every woman needs to get through this process that none of us can escape. Do not think if you have heart rhythm you must be free of. Dolgen also has a part about it. She emphasizes not to run in surgery because it is dangerous and you still end up through menopause. She even talks with women who share experiences with what happened to them after surgery.

Shmirshky is an important book for all women. I highly recommend this wonderful and informative book for families too. It's quick to read and you'll laugh, cry and totally connect with these women and their stories. Thanks Ellen, for sharing so much wonderful information.


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