Thanksgiving – The Perfect Gift for Personal Happiness

Your life is the perfect gift you can get. But not everyone considers life a special gift. For others it is a burden and a curse. But those who regard life as a gift are often those who appreciate almost everything that life has to offer – and they also live a happy life.

When someone offers you a great gift, you say, "thank you" or "I'm grateful for this." This feeling of gratitude is the most natural answer when you receive a special gift, whether it is physical or not. Without you, thank you for the perfect gift of life, you will never have a chance of happiness and happiness.

The search for happiness

From ancient times, men and women have traveled to the longest corner just to seek happiness in their lives. Today, we live in a modern and civilized world that describes us in things that distract us from seeing the meaning of life and absorbing our joy. We live in the world of stress, group pressure, challenging bosses, neighbors, unhealthy lifestyles, jealousy, anger and greed – and everyone seems to take control of the bike and dominate the lives of many people. So many today have become like random attacks of ants, hoping to get home, but unfortunately failed to do that.

Everyone wants a special gift of happiness, but not everyone finds it because some people hamper the joy behind a heavy, locked door with special key heat. This door can be opened with only one key – attitude gratitude.

Analog Beecher

Henry Ward Beecher, a prominent and influential priest in the 19th century, spoke of a striking counterpart showing the value of appreciation. Imagine a bar of sand mixed with rail. If you jump the sand through your fingers and look for the railways you can not find them all. But if you sweep a magnet through the sand, you'll see how the iron particles thrive just below the magnet. Beecher deaf at home point out further: when the heart is not thoughtful, as the fingers look for the iron grabs, it does not feel anything; But if you hold gratitude in your heart and go through the day with gratitude, you will "find some heavenly blessings at any time."

Those railways in the sand stand for a special gift of happiness that every individual desires. Beecher continued to say that in God's sand, they are not railways at all except precious gold. The only way to find them is to use a magnetically grateful heart. By greeting gratitude in your heart, you live happily each other, minute and hour of each day because you are wary of both large and small things that you can be grateful for.

To be happy, be grateful

Grateful heart not only feels warmth of happiness but also gratitude easier than unreachable heart. The simplest and easiest way to express gratitude is of course the magical words "Thank you." But if you are truly a grateful person, words will never be enough to express your gratitude for the special gift you received. Thus you write thanksgiving, send out thank you cards, and give you a little gratitude for people who have been kind to you.

But what do you do for those who do not want to see your gratitude? What do you mean the dog who taught you the value of patience by chewing on your shoes or slippers? How do you say thank you – and what – for the job that puts bread on your table? What did you do with painful events in life and difficulties that sharpen you and shape yourself into a better person? What do you do for future gifts that come from unknown or non-specific gifts? For these gifts, give gratitude to your heart and mind, because that's where the rhythm of happiness begins to flow toward everything and everyone who surrounds you. Thank you for everything big and small. And when an opportunity arises, show gratitude with your work as well.

Many things that surround us tend to cover our way to happy life. But thanks to our gratitude can explain our way there. If you learn the art of gratitude, happiness will just be a step away. Thank you for the perfect gift of life today?


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