Use colors to reduce stress and increase happiness

Have you ever felt certain emotions when looking at color? If your walls were painted dark brown, would it create a sense of happiness when you entered? What about the color yellow? Does it make you happy happy thoughts? Is you upset up? Colors have been shown to affect us in physical and emotional ways. Egyptians, in ancient times, used colors to handle many problems.

There are many ways to use color to improve your well-being. Think about the colors you have – your clothes, furniture, walls, car and jewelry. If you have some things of the same color, this color is probably the one that makes you feel happy, relax, safe or excited. Colors can cause the body to respond in a certain way. Did you know that different colors can help relieve stress and anxiety? Colors have been linked to the body's frequency of energy. Choosing to use certain colors can have a positive effect on our feelings.

The following colors create special energy and effects in our body :

Yellow helps us find a spiritual warning and clear our minds.
Light green creates unintentionally and is refreshing.
Rich Green has energy charity and has a harmonious effect.
Pale Blue has the power of communication and has a calming effect.
Pink creates unconditional love and has a release effect.
Gold improves self-esteem and renews.
Silver activates inner knowledge and is calming.
Violet gives insight and has an encouraging effect.

Use colors to help you get stress from your life:

Think about the effects of color that may have on you when choosing what to wear every day. Add color accessories to help create the mood you want. You can choose to wear yellow scarf or topaz jewelry when you need to concentrate on this day at work.

Add a little gold jewelry to enhance your self-esteem when you interview. Paint your office yellow to help you focus and brighten your day. Use silver jewelry for sedative effects.

When decorating, use colors like pale blue, silver and rich green which will create a soothing and soothing environment. Surround yourself with rich green plants to create a harmonious space filled with love. Change the emerald necklace, ring or earrings to find the baby.

Use a purple scarf when you need to think about a new idea or method of doing things. Get a pale blue kitchen table (or maybe get pale blue or a pair of pale pink flowers in a pocket) to enhance family communication. Buy a silver car to calm yourself when you drive.

Paint your bedroom pink (there are many pale) or rich green to help find love. Buy some raised quartz jewelry to get the feeling of unconditional love. Put green clothes on to get a refreshing effect. Use amethyst jewelry to provide insight and inspiration.

Think of color when you live your life. Choose colors that make you happy. Add calming and loving colors to your home. Change colors that do not make you happy. Color your world with love.


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