5 simple steps for cultivating fearless

Fear is primarily a physiological mechanism caused by illusory perception. Fear is the belief that something outside of us will cause harm to us, usually in the future, based on the feeling of being at risk. It is usually an unpleasant emotional experience, often very high and depressing. The greatest fear is the unhealthy prediction of the subconscious and must be transformed into fearlessness.

Transforming Fear

To complete the fear and get rid of it, you must regain your body and mind. This is both physical and emotional reset, clearing the old pattern and establishing new healthy habits. A healthy mind can still experience fear when there is a real danger, but it is capable of continuing courage, peace and balance most often.
Tips for cultivating fearlessness

1. Tips for cultivating fearlessness

1. AWARENESS AND ACCEPTANCE: Accept situations that call for fear and identify the ways you express fears. (Make a list if possible). Be pure and acknowledge your fear. According to this study, people who acknowledged fear of spiders were less likely to be scared of spiders in the future. Watch it when you're experiencing those fears. See if you can step back from identifying fear and simply look at the process. For example, instead of running an internal discussion "I'm afraid", you would restore the words "This mind and body is experiencing fear, but the truth about who I am is deeper than fear."

2. Actions: Focus on what you can do to send emotions and / or circumstances. If it's an unruly fear, go for a walk, dance, or practice Hatha Yoga. If there is legitimate fear, remove yourself from the situation, or take the man who causes your fears in unconventional ways.

3. Take care of you: Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine, in addition to alcohol and sugar.

Take part in activities that cleanse the nervous system and promote general health and well-being, including yoga, meditation, cardiovascular training, healthy eating habits, deep breathing exercises, taking a hot bath, taking a massage, engaging in entertaining leisure activities, drink plenty of water, repeat positive confirmation and prayer.

4. COMPANIES: Avoid people who buy or strengthen your fears. Develop friendship with people who nourish and encourage positive emotional experiences.

Avoid violence companies, news reports and entertainment.


~ Positiveness: Grow yourself and rely on yourself.
~ Acceptance: Even if it happens, what what? Research shows that 98% of potential circumstances that cause us fear do not happen and 2% that occur rarely appear as terrible and fearful.
~ Support: Learn to ask for help from trusted loved ones. This can be a physical aid or simply listening ear.
~ Practice and Patience: To overcome fear or phobia requires time and repetition, such patience. Some fears can be overcome with exercises.

Example 1: Practice eliminating fear of driving on the freeway

o Enter the freeway slowly and steadily.
o Run in the right lane for one or two miles.
o Exit slowly and carefully.
o Next time, go to the left lane when you feel comfortable.
o Take or drop slow cars when you feel comfortable.
o Allow you to enjoy the drive …

Example 2: Fear of Swimming –

o Go to the public swimming pool and watch other people swim.
o Put on the steps of the pool and dang your feet in water.
o Move slowly into a shallow end.
o Play in water with your feet and hands.
o Work with a teacher to learn to swim.

• Do your best and let go … I was in a rush, walked in, fell and jumped my nose to the stairs. Instead of being afraid of the stairs, I would choose the actions to be more cautious and calmer in the future. I would also carpet the ladder. But I would not be upset with me to fall.

• Purpose of Life – Live Fearlessly and Grounded. Then you can enjoy life completely – experience love, peace and happiness, and spread those positive feelings to others.

Note: Sometimes it is necessary to get professional medical attention. Some fears are actually phobias that require a therapist or physician to break apart.


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