DIY Investor transforms into DIY 2.0 Investor

"For so long" financial advisory, "bless" the financial services industry and "see later" Wall Street. A & # 39; new types & # 39; of DIY investor has been granted, created and able to leave all three of them in the rearview mirror. This new race, which I refer to as DIY 2.0 Investor, is transformed thanks to Web 2.0.

The new concept of DIY investors has chosen to take advantage of this real-time knowledge revolution and that & # 39; instant availability, access, verification and delivery of information to anyone, anywhere, anytime and any web capable device. What powerful transformation fund is currently at our fingertips that provides facts and true information and everything free of charge. Self-management at its best!

A good place to start this discussion has a short potential.

Investment from the beginning to the beginning of the 90s changed very little. Being "1.0 Investor & # 39; meant that your only option was to invest with stockbrokers who bought and sold individual stocks and or mutual funds on your behalf. In the mid-1980s, the internet encouraged a minimum server to take advantage of the internet and started offering online business for those DIY investors, brave enough to handle the challenge. This changed the board of directors from investing from securities transactions to DIY investors, and these volunteers were pioneers where they had to research, analyze, buy and sell on their own. Needless to say, few investors were brave enough to address this fraudulent work.

In the middle of the late part of the web and the internet, and being able to send information, access to web pages and streamlap stock issues, convey this fraudulent group of independent investors into what we now know as "wizards" and "technology companies that heat up , online analytics tools, investors submit to a brokerage firm and advisors to think about the DIY waters, they were the only thoughts of their riches and wealth that awaited them. This era of "unchromatic rash" stood until the Technology or Dot-Com Bubble burstin 2001-2002 … and running it did and cost a trillion at the loss of investors. These early DIY investors who were overcome by "uncontrolled propaganda" while the markets were going up were sadly unhappy humility when the botany fell out. Most of these early subsidiaries returned to the convenience of financial advisor. [19659002] In the years 2006-2008, the housing was formed and it also bursts with similar results for investors, a third of investment losses, again. Experts from the financial institution should have all the answers and protect the client's assets. Investors realized that this was not the case as Wall Street's financial company was occupied by serving its own interests by selling very complex and speculative products to their investors. Another strong lesson learned.

DIY investors and professional financial advisors received both from 1998 to 2008. These historical events and trends caused changes to new sexes & # 39; of investors. This latest & # 39; of investors lifted themselves, licked their wounds and committed to learning how to play a new game … winner game … transform themselves into DIY 2.0 Investors!

What are the transforming stimulants that strengthen and motivate DIY 2.0 investors?

  • Web 2.0 Revolution With Knowledge As The New Currency "# 19;
  • People Get Power In Their Phone / Devices.
  • Desire to be in control and make informed decisions.
  • The financial services industry constantly shows total self-employed nature.
  • Investors lack confidence and trust in Wall Street and those who work in it.

Let's define what features distinguish from DIY 2.0 investors. Those are:

  • Well-informed.
  • Disciplined.
  • Freelance.
  • Responsible.
  • In full control.
  • Want to partner with a company that provides financially successful drawings.
  • committed say to learn how to become their own most trusted financial adviser.
  • Ensuring / securing their money is building wealth for them … and not anyone else.
  • New a methodology that is theoretically based, temporary and based on mechanical logic.
  • Choose to invest within their timeframe and lifestyle.

Finally, what are the key to becoming a successful DIY 2.0 investor?

  • Understanding available options and only two.
  • The decision that the chosen option best meets the defined financial goals.
  • Commitment for a lifelong journey.
  • Partnership with a company that offers a custom drawing that provides basic models that can be customized and approved during investor investment.
  • Passion for a good financial future and peace of mind.

Becoming an Independent Investor and transforming into DIY 2.0 Investors is all about choice. The value we all have and can be practiced. There are no longer obstacles that can not be overcome. No!

This new ideology developed from Web 2.0 is an addictive and motivating movement that provides knowledge of thought speed. The web 2.0 allows us to make informed decisions that we could not do a decade ago and that's all in our hands.

The DIY 2.0 Investor extends to this real-time Web 2.0 Revolution to compete and competitiveness to work. A recent study by Cogent Research of Gen X Investors showed dramatic changes in fate. This latest & # 39; of Gen X DIY 2.0 investors experienced 28% returns in 2010, while their peers who turned to professional financial supervision for advisors reported only 3% over the same period. Which game would you rather play?

Allow "extinction" and & # 39; start. "For so long," financial advisors, "bless" the financial services industry and "see you later" Wall Street.


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