Gross national happiness on balance sheet?

Happiness is a real danger!

Because of my commitment to great governance and participation in many people, I was listening to discovering the United Nations conference on happiness and well-being that began in New York City on April 2nd. It came to the conclusion that good GDP performance (Gross National Product) did not automatically mean that GNH (Gross National Happiness) grew in a similar manner.

Yes, really, macro happiness! For those who always thought of soft talents there were soft options, the introduction of a nationally happy indicator could mean they had to think again.

The conference said that while economic growth was important, 4 other factors were independent causes of happiness. These are; communal trust; mental and physical health; quality of governance and eventually the law.

The conference pointed to the promise that you and I also know that "money is not the root of evil, it's love of money that's". Or in other words, while financial money is desirable, because it leads to our lives, not the goal.

The first of its kind might be a very important landmark in the drive to change how we do business.

If you have not yet heard of "The World Happiness Report" by Jeffrey Sachs et al. Since the summit referred to in its discussion, you may want to get a copy of this. The report makes the relationship between economic growth and the impact on happiness and ease, which is fast (it looks) becoming a measurable product.

The theme of the report is that the promise of happiness as a by-product of growing wealth is no longer sustainable. From an international perspective, in terms of sustainable development, we need to focus on: end poverty, environmental sustainability, social participation and good governance.

Most leaders know and understand that financial wages are usually not at the top of the list to help motivators. The overall message from the conference and the report is that the following factors are important for people in the world of work and as a measure of happiness.

"Working time, good opportunity for improvement, job security, interesting job, allows you to work independently, allowing you to help other people and useful in society: feeling about overall goals at work, independence to solve it, and the ability to do the job – right between employee and work. "Allied to these people needs support and recognition for their efforts. In addition, personal factors include mental health and physical health, education and family life. "

As a director for many years, I always had the experience that happy workers were a productive employee. But it's more than expensive. If you break down motivation for any actions we take, it's usually help us to become happier. We have internal drive for happiness and well-being, because happiness and well-being is our natural state.

The conference is certainly the beginning and it will continue to be seen as happiness is taken seriously or not by the leaders of the world, at least it's the beginning. So with me, watch this space!

Do you believe Congratulations is important? What could this focus on happiness mean to leaders, executives and HR experts in the future? What are the opinions? Yours? I love to hear from you.


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