Happiness – Create a happier person

You can be a healthier and happier person by considering the choices you make every moment of the day. Think about the impact your decisions have on each day. By choosing one of the following, you can be a happy person and make your world more peaceful.

1. Use positive discussions with yourself and with others.

The words you say to yourself every day have a major impact on your point of view and what happens to you every day. Negative words and comments from others often deny the positive feelings we have about ourselves. Remember, you are fabulous, wonderful and can make your dreams happen. So, "toot your corner" in a positive way.

2. Show appreciation for what you care about your circumstances in life.

Whether you like daily thanksgiving or a diary, show thanks to your strength, your parents and your friends for the differences they have made in your life. Gratitude for everything, regardless of their closure or situation, will help you get different views of your life and the choices you make.

3. Invest in time that needs to be brought about.

All relationships, even with oneself, take time and investment in the other man. Take time to meet your parent, grandma, neighbor you have not met, your best friend and spouse. Find out some details you can not know – your favorite color, favorite poem or favorite time of the day. Take the time and the time you spend with them will be very rewarding.

4. Repeat a wonderful and enjoyable time in your life.

Each of us has achieved great things in our lives, no matter what the size is. And this is the moment we want to remember – the first day of school, smile or hug from best friends, grass growing, surviving illness, finishing race, child swinging high speed, etc. Remember these times. They belong to you. Share them with others.

5. Use your own personal attention every day.

Opportunity comes to each of us from the moment we wake up to sleep that we can miss doing a good job. Stay at the moment every day. When this opportunity exists, take it. Do a good job. No matter how small it is – clean the room or room, help someone with a package, read to a little child, visit someone who does not have a family close, take the time to build a house or go for a walk with you. Be good to yourself and someone else every day.

6. Provide goals and follow-up every day and take it one step at a time.

Dreams can discuss if you take them one step at a time. Eating more than "elephant ears" can give you indigestion and heartburn! Determine any goal. Take time every day, even if it's 5 minutes. Create a calendar entry and insert it where you will see the note. Then do it. Reward you at the end of the week to submit goals and monitor.

7. Practice your body and your mind daily.

Improve the thinking process and practice your eyes – read! Listen to a positive band and use your feelings. Do more than listen – take comments and use your right to respond and put it into practice you've heard. Do something fun for your body – hold a rope, play a stepscotch, get in place, instead of standing, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE. Or do your "bucket list" and learn a skateboard, scuba diver, attend a conference, organize an event or experience a different culture.

Be happy. Be happy. Happiness was given to you at birth. The rest is up to you.


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