Spiritual Revolution

Have you ever wondered why everyone is sending a positive and optimistic message in the world today? Why are so many looking for spiritual guidance? I believe the world is moving to a spiritual revolution. I believe that humanity is tired of the old models. I also believe that every person is pursuing the same goal: to be happy. But happiness means different things for different people. Happiness is not a unique, common concept or reality. What makes me happy is not what makes you or your friend happy. I believe that humanity is working on a spiritual revolution that will make us human with a better understanding of who we are and what we want. And what we all want, no exception, is to be happy, whatever happiness means.

Some people begin to criticize this happiness by saying that it is blind to us. And I have somehow the tendency to agree. There is a new positive trend that inundating our lives. People are sharing more and optimistic thoughts and phrases, more and more positive messages and joy-seeking mantras. But optimism and happiness will only work when they are right and when they target clear goals. Optimism, happiness, positive psychology are only terms used by people to refer to certain concepts. But like terms, they have no internal power. They are nothing but a set of letters or sounds.

Optimism, happiness, positive thinking help the world get out of the old negative thought, the pessimistic, unhappy development that began in our world for so many years. In the past it was openly happy to freeze. When someone showed happiness and optimism, this person was punished for being stupid. Today, many people are entitled to stop being punished for showing their happiness. And it is in itself a positive effort.

The problem arises when, like anything else, positive development is pushed to greatness and considered to be the only truth. Previously had been happy famous; Today is being sad at being still. Who does frowning though? Happy mistress in sadness and vice versa.

I believe that's so because we all have a different understanding of what happiness means. If happiness means peace with you, you could not understand that happy, loud person who defines happiness needs a lot of shows of joy. And you could rise to them. If, on the other hand, happiness requires you to laugh and laugh, you might potentially feel the one who must enjoy his treacherous calmness. Thus, even boring can be happy in your own personal way. Who are you judging?

Optimism and positive thinking then became a device for the happiness of some. Let them use those tools if they want. They will remain valid as long as they target a clearly defined goal of happiness. And as we saw before, we must define happiness for each of us. We are not asked to use these tools; They are just dissolved because the opponents were so many centuries. Why do not we start to respect others as they are, then? Why do we need to criticize a new positive move or old, negative? Who knows what's right? My suggestion, instead, is to aim at this new spiritual revolution, as humanity ceases to judge and send and the beginning begins to receive and love. Some people need silence to be happy. And what? Others need noise. And what? And even others need … anyway. And what? It's their happiness, not yours.

Enjoy life … ALL,



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