The Power of Security – Understanding How To Be Truly Safe is the Basis of All Personal Growth

Having been a student of personal development in most of my life, I have become a very strong advocate of personal security.

I discovered that no person can truly live his life without having a good understanding of the personal security and comfort and potential they were born with.

However, my perspective on security is very different from most I've met.

In my experience of working with counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists while trying to figure out my life, the focus seemed almost always aimed at learning how to better protect yourself by learning better.

But …

What if we could relinquish treatment skills? What if they were not needed?

What if we could get rid of these unparalleled beliefs and learn to be safe as we were designed to be?

Sound unruly, far fetched or impossible? Only if you keep believing.

Please let me explain.

There are two things to all men; physically and not physically. The non-physical also has two parts; personality and character.

The character is created with experience of life. It is based on the attitude we would have when we progress through this maze. These views are created primarily in the first seven years of human life. Personality looks like his personality.

If the person is lucky to have grown up in a loving, balanced, mature family, personality will have love, balance, and mature energy to allow the man to survive the same kind of life. However, the rest of us have grown up in environments that were something less loving, quiet or mature. We call this standard family environment.

The person expresses himself in the subconscious mind. The character may vary depending on what is happening in the individual's outer world. It may also vary according to conditions that develop in which the person lives.

The personality is strengthened or ill and corrected by the thoughts that increase the human's individuality. Good, healthy thoughts take expression in one direction, but poisonous thinking takes personality on the other.

Therefore, a person who may have lived a crime can turn around and become a protagonist.

The ultimate goal, unconscious of each person, is to report personality and nature. The character, which is a permanent and true expression of an inner self, consists only of the good, strong beliefs that are true, uncontrolled foundation of the human being.

If you are aware of how they live their lives and choose to work with the fraud of expression, commonly called the "dark side", then their personality will ultimately be very similar to their expression and nature.

If you are a good person who believes in personal growth and believes that it is an integral part of the reason for being here at this time, please understand this.

By knowing the difference between being safe by maintaining "healthy" exercise capabilities and truly knowing the security we enter, the difference between being a good runner and the Olympics is.

We were all born safe. We all have the ability to live in safety simply by choosing to focus on safety rather than protection.

Children living in a healthy environment need not develop treatment methods to "feel" safely. They know unconsciously that they are safe. It is only through their experience in their lives that they learn to feel "insecure" and develop methods of dealing.

By recognizing our own concentration strategies or "life protection plans," we can cancel them.

The usual process goes something like that. The situation occurs which scares us at some level, so our subconscious recognizes the fear and automatically establishes an appropriate treatment system. We respond automatically and life continues as always.

By becoming aware of our delivery system, the situation can be as follows:

The situation takes place. We recognize it from the past. We believe that auto response starts to occur. Instead, take the breath and choose consciously different answers to create another exit.

Once we have become good at this process, we no longer respond to impetus in a way that does not work for us. We can not repeat this process unnecessarily until we have lifted any replication equipment we have in our unconscious mind.

What Salvation Process! We do not have to live the ones in our minds tell us!

The key to this process, however, is to know the feeling of true security to begin with. If we can recognize this feeling and use it as an anchor to drive our lives away, we can turn off some copying devices because we know they no longer serve a useful purpose.

How to know true security? Put down and pause for five minutes. Close your eyes and take your breath safely (move your stomach muscles as you breathe). Let your mind go. You do not have to follow your thoughts. When you feel relaxed and comfortable, you now begin to know true security.

Enjoy it for a while.

Remember the feeling! That's the best thing you'll ever do for yourself.

You were born in security, trained accordingly. Now is the time to go back.


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