How to be a more effective leader

Comment on yourself that you did not accept great success. You are the lifts of those who work outside and under you.

High-level success requires the support and cooperation of others. Acquiring this support and cooperation from others requires leadership skills.

Success and the ability to lead others who are getting them to do things they would not do if they were not lead goes hand and hand.

At this point, we want to master 4 special leadership rules or principals who can cause others to do things in the Commission, in business, in social clubs, at home, wherever we find people.

Guideline Number 1:


Thinking of business with the people you want to influence is a magic way to get others – friends, colleagues, customers, employees to care for want them to respond.

Consider the position of another person. Put yourself in their shoes, so to speak. You have to understand that their interests, income, intelligence and background can be much more important to you.

Guiding Principle No. 2:


People use different leadership mode methods. One approach is to assume the position of the dictator. The dictators will make all decisions without consulting with those who influence it. He refuses to hear his subordinate side to a question because he is sometimes afraid, but he might be right and this would cause him to lose his face.


Another method of leadership is cold, mechanically, I am a regulator. Using this approach, everything is handled exactly according to the book. He does not realize that every rule or policy or plan is merely a guide to normal matters. This would be the leader of beating humans as machines. And of all, people dislike being treated like a machine.

People who rise to enormous leadership levels use the third approach we call

"Being Human."

Leading rule number 3:


One of the most important things anyone can say about you is "He stands for progress.

Bids in every field go to individuals who believe in and push for progress. Leaders, real leaders are lacking, status quo-ers, (everything is okay, don't let people in the apple race) far outnumber the progress (much more, to Improve Us, Gain Work, and Make Better People.)

Participate in the Leadership Elite Developing Prospects

Remember this: When you take over the leadership of the group, individuals in that group immediately begin to adapt to the standards This is the most noticeable first few weeks, and their great concern is to point you in. No matter what you expect from them, they look at every journey you make. will he give me? oes if he wants to do that? What does it take to please him? What will he say if I do this or that? When they know, they work accordingly.

Over time, there is a tendency to become a carbon copy of their chief. The simplest way to succeed at a high level is to make sure that the master thesis is worth copying.

Leadership Rule Number 4:

Take the time to deal with yourself and embark on your wonderful thinking power

We would usually be leaders of uniquely busy people. And they are. Leadership needs to be in thick parts. But while it is usually overlooked, it is noteworthy that leaders spend a normal time alone, one with nothing but their own thinking devices. Explore the life of the great religious leaders, and you will find each of them spent thinking time alone. Political leaders to those who made lasting names in the story for good or bad got insight into solitude.

The main point is, the success of the individual at some level takes time to carry himself. Leaders use solitude to solve the problems together, work out solutions, organize and in one sentence to make great thinking.

Many people do not lose their creative leadership because they provide everyone with everything but themselves. You know this good person well. He is the one who goes to great lengths, not to be alone. He goes to extremes to surround himself with people. He can't stand being alone in his office, so he goes prowling to see other people. He rarely spends evening evenings. He believes convincingly the need to talk to others at every waking moment. He spends a great diet of small and gossip.

When this person is forced by a situation to be a physical one, he finds ways to continue to be spiritually alone. Sometimes like these TV, newspaper, radio or telephone resources, some of it will take over the thinking process for him. This person is afraid to occupy it with their own thoughts. They keep their minds black. This type of person is psychologically afraid of their own thoughts. And as time goes on, Mr. I can't stand being alone, growing gradually shallow. He does many unthinkable moves.

He fails to develop fixed purposes, personal stability. He is, unfortunately, lost by the superpower, which lies just behind his forehead.

Don't be a master I can't stand being alone. Successful leaders lose their superpower by being alone. You can.

Being a More Successful Leader, Put These Fourth Leadership Rules to Work


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