SPOT – On Leadership

Most organizations, better serve and representatives, if / when the main focus and emphasis is, the best practices and ways, to continue, to public health and to deal with both the person and the best, sustainable future needs of the group, and both current and potential components? After four decades, involving almost all aspects of leadership, from analyzing, qualifying and training, developing and consulting over a thousand real and potential leaders and serving in various places, as a leader, I refer to the most effective method, such as SPOT – ON lead! With that in mind, this article will try to examine, investigate, review, and discuss using a mnemonic approach, why this matters.

1. Strength stronger; services; sustainable; solutions: Before anyone can make real money groups and his personality, strengths and weaknesses, and use the strong clothes, efficiently and efficiently, but to deal with weaknesses! Target and target audience goals must be. leaving his organization stronger, after his service, than it was when he started. Genuine service must be based on the proper development of quality systems, with a focus on delivering sustainable solutions!

2. Prioritization perception planning: A major summit, both real needs and challenges, as well as the perception of its constituents. The group's priorities must be efficient, committed, and important, genuine, relevant, sustainable planning, for the common good!

3. Organized; options: There is no place for modest leaders, for groups are the best, when organized approach and plan are prioritized! This has to be remembered, as many cost-effective options as needed, if any leader is going to matter, the better!

4. Temporary, development; tendencies: Check out relevant trends and trends that might be of better relevance! No real change, for the better, occurs, without / until, leadership, is timely, relevant, and sustainable!

5. Opportunities; rationalize: When a leader prepares and is ready to know the opportunities that present themselves and / or create their own opportunities, he will regularly be able to optimize his services, focus on public health and better, appropriate and sustainable future!

4. Necessity; nerve; nuances: Needs and priorities need to become the essential focus of all those in the lead position and there is nothing that is simple – all, because of a meaningful leader, recognized the nuances of a particular group and components, and continues with the nerves , to enhance their personal comfort area appropriately!

Are you ready, ready and able to become a leader SPOT – ON ? How do you test yourself, quoting and objectively, to become better and more meaningful, for the organization and stakeholders?


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