Summit – Importance of a flexible program

If you are a leading or leading leader, I guess that success is important to you. But in truth, many leaders just do the opposite. If we are completely honest, we threaten to a lesser or lesser extent with volume.

When it comes to planning and timing, you know that nothing always goes to plan. The best leaders do not just know this but take action and build flexibility in their program.

So what do I mean by the term flexible timing? Let us be clear that we are not talking about freewheeling altogether but allow enough time to deal with unexpected. Items like:

1. A fire alarm starts and needs to be moved for an hour.

2. The computer network goes down overnight.

3. Member of your team who needs to talk to you about something.

4. A decision takes longer to reach a meeting, which means that you are playing the rest of the day.

o Your time of work at work
o Complete stress on frustration
o Not enough time to think directly and to face challenges or problems
o more risk of making serious mistakes.

No one likely to be a major player in achieving success as a leader. So point out to build a little bit of flexibility in your plan so that you understand the results and succeed you want. Some simple things you can do are:

o Organize in time before and after each meeting, which, if you do not use, is available to face unexpected.
o Don't be too optimistic about what you can achieve today. It is better to have a list of two very important things to complete what will make a real difference rather than a list full of good things but not essential items.

Bottom Line – Being flexible is not about freewheeling; It is about recognizing that as a leader you need to be ready and able to cope with unexpected.


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