3 "Leaders' leaders – join, empower, encourage!"

"Enflamed with the study study and the admiration of virtue, with great hope of being brave …
and worthy …, the love of God and famous for all ages."
– John Milton

Leaders are defined as "stewards" of trust, hope, and faith of others.

=> Conduct People

=> Empower People

=> Encourage People

Many leaders find it difficult to apply the 3 "E" s to
leadership goals, actions, and conversations. Here are some
strategic ideas that you can use to inject three "E" s into
leadership style and behavior.

Participate in the hearts, thoughts and desires of people!

"No seed shall perish as the soul has sown."
– John Addington Symonds.

When you plant positive vision in fertile areas
your heart, mind, will and emotion, your risks
are sure to succeed.

= Your task,

=> Connect to,

=> Believe in,

=> Tasks,

=> Organize for

to perform these relevant and accomplishable tasks goal
or complete a specific project.

The purpose, consistency and integrity of the style, behavior and attitude must demonstrate the respect of your future thinking or principles.

In theory, you use your dreams or ideas to inspire and
encourage the trust and commitment of others.

Strengthen people's skills, achievements and skills!

Strengthening people means

-> linking them to knowledge, resources, assets, and
processes they need,

challenges and problems they will work through,

] – direct them to the sources of the devices or materials,
supplies and resources, experts or networks to enable

– guide them to define, classify, map or
model, learn, analyze , meta, innovation and
create, control, work and lead for any

By enhancing, we believe in facilitating the supply of energy,
mass and ability to perform the work. To give
people the energy of faith, ability or meaning.

"True hope is swift and flies with wings of swallows,
Kings make gods and major creatures kings."
– William Shakespeare

Leaders Encourage Us to Have Hope, We Use What Hopes to Add to Speed ​​and Fly in Our Dreams, Our Hope Transforms Our Life into the High Desire of Kingdoms Reality and
sends us efforts to realize royal treasures.

Encouraging support, strength and trust for people!

When you lead by encouraging people, give them:

=> Purpose of to exist
difference and contribution to reaching up or towards
higher mountain

=> a duty to the project, to help others fulfill
the ideal, to belong to higher energy or greater

=> rely on common purpose, in the goodness of others, love
and God's mercy, in potential potential for the risk

=> affinity with a noble or worthy company, with another

justice goal

You encourage people because you see that they will be transformed with hope of a positive image or potential.

"No one without hope is fond of the most beautiful,
But love can hope where the reason would despair."
– Lord Lyttleton.

Love is a will, love is a deliberate decision to
show loving affection, compassion, and compassion for others –
love gives hope solid support to a strong foundation.

———————————————– — ———-

"Growth is the only indicator of life." – John Henry Newman

If it is possible to encourage energy supply but positive people's growth, then you are working for value

When we look at the style and behavior of our greatest
leaders such as Christ, Gandhi, King, Churchill, Tolstoy and
Mother Theresa, they share a common trait – they all attended
three "E" s practice leadership.

Government, Business and Public Service Leaders
can easily find ways to use one or more of these key actions –

1) They can participate in the hearts or minds of people through convincing ideas or encouragement principles;

2) They can strengthen people's ability and desires after connecting or raising them with energetic energy;

3) They can encourage commitment and heroic people
by showing them hope or faith in a better reality.

Try these ideas – when you do, you'll see real results
in your lead action!

"We have two lives around us,

Two worlds where we live,

Within us and without us

Alternate heaven and hell:

Without, Within, our hearts, beautiful ideal. "

– Richard Henry Stoddard.

It's up to you to decide, do you believe there are 3 "E" in the "lead"? Explain your hope and see
possibilities – join, empower, encourage people to work!

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