Anointed versus talented – what is the difference?

Talent is defined as: "Natural endowment or superior quality capability". The word talent comes from the Greek word which also tells us about something of great value as described in Matthew 25: 15-30.

Talent for artists is the ability and natural ability to create. It can be enhanced by training and practice. Being anointed is the power of God that uses these talents to accomplish God's purposes or plan.

In the scriptures, real oiling of man or object was a real act of anointing. The anointing took place for ordinary purposes, such as with scented oil or protective leather and for medical purposes for the sick or hurt (though not necessarily with oil).

Holy anointing was to dedicate an object or human to God. The oil represented the Holy Ghost and strengthened them for a particular role in God's service. "Messiah" from the Hebrew word "mashia" and Christ from the Greek "christos", meaning "anointed" or the one who has the authority to perform the task (in this case, redeemed mankind back to God).

So what does this have to do with artists? God has given artists the ability to create. Again, training and exercises help to refine that skill. But when it comes to doing a project or performing a mission for God that includes your creativity, it can only be done by enhancing God from working with fundamental skills. No matter how much of an artist's natural knowledge and experience, they cannot achieve any value of God's Kingdom (God's plan) without giving your talents to the Holy Ghost.

God uses His people to accomplish His plan. He especially uses the gifts and talents he needs to put in to get a plan through you.

The Bible example can be seen in Exodus 31: 1-11. God was going to show that he was present and active with his people by living among them in the store while they were in the wilderness. God wanted the shop to be designed, created, and created in a special way, and intended to accomplish this through the creative team among the Israelites he chose. Although these artists have natural abilities, talents, and knowledge, they could not complete the mission according to God's plan unless they used the understanding and wisdom that God's spirit strengthened them (Exodus 31: 3-4).

Greased is defined further:

* Being able to do what you usually cannot do.

* When the greatness (power of God) comes over nature (the talent).

An example of trying to accomplish a task with talents alone and not anointing is how the Israelites create the golden calf. The calf was created with artistic talents, skills, experience, and the ability to use the feast for the Lord (Exodus 32: 5), but the anointing was not there. If these artists tried to give up and their talents to God's spirit, I think they had seen that their use of their talents did not please God, but would be sin against God.

How does a talented artist flow in anointing? The names of the two artists that God used to steer "artistic" in building the booth and the ark of the covenant help us to remind us: "Bezalel" – called "in the shadow of El (God)". Unless you are in God's presence, you cannot be in the shadow of God. Keeping quiet time regularly with God keeps us in line with God's plan.

"Aholiab" – called "Father Tents", a man under control. Obedient. As God's Spirit reveals its way to use your talents, you must be challenged to walk out of the plan and obey.


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