Happiness comes in simple packages

Want to look down instead? Are you wading into doctors wishing you were someone else or you were more beautiful or beautiful? Time to look up to the sky and see your chances of being happy that is already there!

It is done for a television series about a person who changes people to write letters for encouragement. He is an older person and does not focus on health protection or lack of money but decides to spend more time and energy writing letters. It is amazing to watch what happens when people get their letters. He never understands them. He gives those people he knows and sometimes people he doesn't know.

Did you know that research has been done to prove that people who serve others are more prosperous and happy? Want to be happy for the price of a stamp? Here's a strategy to help you not only lift and refresh others but by doing so you can feel good about yourself!

Give yourself some time and think of some you know who might use a cheerful thinking note. Try and praise them for what you think they do well. What are their talents? Do not hesitate to kneel and ask for inspiration by writing letters that will make this person feel better about himself and his life. If you are not so good at expressing it correctly, look in the book of inspired quotes. Sometimes, a testimony from famous people who have been through hard times and survival is just the idea you're looking for. A great website for such thoughts is LDS.org. (Great place filled with inspired thoughts!)

Set aside some time to write the letter. You can make the letter as simple or as imaginable as you like. You can write it on your computer or your clean letter with sticker and scrapbook decor. Whatever you like, just remember what you write in a letter is most important. You can sign up or sign it. Drop it in the mail or go to the doorstep. However, it can warm a smile in the face of the person who receives a subjective character.

After writing some people you know, branching and writing some letters in the past. When you are shopping, going for a walk or playing in the city garden, have a letter ready in your purse or pocket to hand to someone who looks like they need something to recover. You don't have to say words, just hand them over or tell them I thought you could use this today.

You never know how much your letter can help or affect someone who has a bad day. You could help to exchange this old earth one letter at a time! By serving another person, happiness will return to you as well. Do someday and find happiness that comes in a simple package!


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