Happiness sometimes needs change

After leaving my ex-husband, the execution suddenly occurred to me that he had happily stayed in marriage, regardless of the disaster we lived. Why? To resist change!

In my opinion, loving someone is not enough, you have to be happy with that relationship. To put a family next, the most important thing in my life is to be happy. I believe that happiness comes from within. It's not measurable with your finances, of your belongings, of your friends, of your spouse or of everything in the world. It is mentality. It can grow from your thoughts of value, gratitude, harmony, and joy.

It took a lot of courage for me to look at my marriage many years ago and admit that it was a disruption. For too many years the truth was clean. This always took my toll on my health and I was forced to deal with it. Life has a way to do it.

My healing began on the day I dared to step out of my comfort zone. Yes, it was scary. Yes, it was very unpleasant. It was at once in my life where the pain had exceeded the profits. The change became the name of the game so I do not fall into a mindset with a permanent victim.

Closing my marriage and achieving my own growth was my life. Did I know then? No, not at all! I was looking for happiness and had no idea what the future held. Set My Goal About Healing I took one child step at a time. It took years for me to discover the grim truth.

I had the goal of becoming whole. I wanted to be happy. It is said, "When the student is ready, the teacher arrives." Doors were opening to me with my misery to learn. I soon discovered that my joy must be shared with love and harmony. How can one feel happiness from within when surrounded by negativity? One day at a time, the cure that the sun rises through the fog was felt. When the nebula finally lifted, the cold, strong truth of my spouse was shocked. In my opinion, he abused with power, treatment, and control.

With help, I began to see that I was better off. The more I cure, the more I dislike my life. Sometimes I became completely and completely dissatisfied with my spouse. Taking into account my options, it became clear that the only way was change and it wasn't easy! In my opinion, change needs to be taken out of the box.

The first step to change is to decide what you want. What do you want? Everyone wants to be happy. The next question is, "How do you get there?" The answer will probably always boil down to one, "CHANGE!"

The next step is facing your fears. Eleanor Roosevelt said, "We have the strength and courage and confidence in every experience where we really stop fearing in the face … we must do what we think we can't."

Change is not easy. You must be ready to let go of the old … it's the only way to let new ones come in!


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