Life after 50 is only the beginning if you dream

You sit at your kitchen table and look inside your coffee cup at the bottom. It's empty. Do you like that? Life went too fast. You are over 50 and you listen to retirement. You always wonder what life would have been like if you took another job a year ago. Something is missing. If you are married, many women find that their husbands do not know what to do with you. Heat sizzles inside your chest and you rinse easily sometimes, and don't want anyone to touch you with a flaming furnace that disrupts your body. Sometimes you are passionate. Other times, you want to be left alone. Your partner is just as confused as you are. If you are an individual, you do not have the consequences of the union, but as you sit there, you feel like you do not have the next few years to try everything you missed. Here are five practical ways to feel better.

1. You are where your destiny set you. Try to think about all the good things in your life that are unique to you, that you don't feel like getting a chance to try. You need air. Get out with a notebook, find an empty class, and write a list of your dreams.

2. Today's life expectancy has reached 90 or more. I don't just like it because you need more calcium now, you need to lose weight or your doctor told you to stop smoking, you're old after the age of 50. Dream. Dream of what you will do. Don't say this is what you want to do, these are what you do! Make a list of these dreams. Research shows that when you sit quietly, close your eyes and put yourself in a place you want to be, you will feel better. Blood pressure drops and when you open your eyes you feel like you were really there. Dream of what you will do. This is called "visualization" and it is very important to get you where you want to be.

3. When you get time in your work or everyday life, find a group that you always want to join in bringing you near that dream. This will give you something else to think about and bring you into new social groups and new friends.

3. Don't sit alone. Make a list of things to do for the day that is fun for you after work. If you or you are already at home, find time to do something other than housework. It can wait and it will always. I read a poster to my sister. "Boring Women Have Spotless Houses." I like this. Put a list of your dreams in front of you. Put it on your tablet in the workplace, with your calendar, in the refrigerator, next to your computer or anywhere visible.

4. It is easy to do nothing. Doing nothing keeps you feeling well and makes you feel worse because you didn't catch anything. When you are alone, check out the list of things you really want to do after retirement. If you're already retired, check out the list too. Don't let anyone get in your way. It's your life. Take a friend, if your husband does not want to follow his favorite sports or couch. Perhaps you have an adult child who would love your business on a favorite trip or activity.

I hope few things help. Being over 50, I've found these activities useful to find interesting jobs and clubs I've enjoyed over these good years. Don't think you need to be with people you know or even love. They may not share your dream. Be daring, get there, go for a walk and find what drives you. We are all unique and after 50 we have nowhere else to go but up. Get there and make that dream part of your new life.


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