I get frustrated and wait for answers to job applications. Certain references are different today than when I was young. Most of the companies I worked for were no longer and were for websites, emails and online applications. Then a prospective employer just picked up the phone and confirmed employment with human resources.

Rather than being frustrated, I have used this time to relax. I'm excited about the purchase I can afford while I'm not working. Watching videos from local US stores is fun. Of course, this cool case is never in my store but it is fun in the search.

I'm also excited about sampling squares and treasures found in the trash. I bought a two-dollar beauty gift bag in a church and found it unbelievable to find two unused glasses in their packaging. I looked up the products and was excited to discover that they were brands that I cannot afford. I'm lucky.

I'm looking for books in my dollar store and the two books are waiting several times a year in the bookstore.

I continue to hope to discover writing these articles. Even if I don't, my word will be out there after I've gone. I hope some of them will touch life for good. When I get to heaven it would be nice to hear someone I don't know telling me I mattered.

I've been trying to learn how to play the guitar and find courses online.

I've been waiting for people I don't like. Maybe they will change or I will.

Tonight, let me speak words of encouragement to your life. While waiting for what you are hoping for, I hope you will find joy in simple joy. May the sun warm you. May water cool you. May your stomach be full and shelter keep you safe.

Can you find friends in strangers you pass and peace in solitude. Can you find comfort in grief and someone to share celebrations with.

Only God knows why we have to wait for good things. When I have done everything I can do, I have to trust. I know the great that has happened in the past and the possibilities still to come. I accept the fantasies that are unlikely to come true but celebrate unexpected blessings.

I am here waiting and hope you will too.


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