Princess Diana – I Ching

I know it sounds weird to do I Ching for someone who is not alive, but I thought I'd let it go, to see what I Ching was up to. Here it is:

16: Joy

"Happiness." ——-

——- Active


] _______


– —— Yield – quiet confirmation opens the way


It & # 39; s interesting that she has no change lines. It is very sensible since it is not on the planet and before that it probably will not affect change anymore.

"Congratulations on coordinated action is shown. The picture is to set up princes, heads of state, when the timing is right, leading to a peaceful nation and activating the army according to people and # 39; hearts."

This response seems to be very appropriate for Princess Di. It could truly be a ruler, a leader of peace, if time had been right. She was trying to do good in the world and was actually a kind of ambassador for world peace. She will surely win the hearts of the people, as shed on her death.

"Active, though accepting its state". I hope she is happy or even happy in her new home, wherever it may be.

I read that her spirit had picked up a journalist's body, Hazel Courtney, at once. She was a reputable journalist who had a column on the Telegraph, I think it was. It was when the journalist went through the swing of Harrods, I think her spirit first covered the journalist's body or that she felt strange first. She became very ill with her, in fact, and had had to give up more and more of her work and participation, as she had to take up her bed at the end. However, it did pass, and it always returned to normal.

She said that when Princess Di first went over to the side, she found it surprising: "What about my kids?" (her two sons). Obviously, she doesn't want to leave them. Also, in one stage, she (Hazel Courtney) went through Hyde Park, and she had a very strong desire to jump into the Seine! She found out that Diana loved to swim in that river. Before Princess Andi left Hazel's body, she showed an amazing vision. It was by Princess Di and Dodi Al-Fayed in a huge sculpture on the side of Ayers Rock in Australia. What a powerful picture. And their memory certainly lives on.

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