You are the answers to your thoughts

It seems that so often we have found the victim of the world. People get angry with us. We hope for ourselves and others. We sat down to not get what we thought we should. We "should" and "may" of all kinds of things in our lives. Then there are thoughts that revolve around jealousy, resentment, fear, failure, illness, "why I" and "Oh God, not again!" . But where do all these thoughts come from? How did everyone get in the head in the first place? I have read that the average child hears the words "no" and "bad" in thousands of times during the first 2 years of life. In the same years, words like "you are lovely, you are beautiful and you are loved" are heard much less often. Some parents say they do not want to spoil their children by telling them that they are loved and loved. Some parents cannot say these words to their children because they do not need to give them.

Where do thoughts come from? We learn our beliefs about us and our world through the people around us, with our relatives, our friends, our classmates. In the age of television and computer, we develop opinions about our world through passive watching and active communication. And all of these millions of thoughts and opinions are stored in our computer brain. Just wait for something to turn them on and for us to respond to them. And, apparently, we can guarantee our actions, we certainly cannot be responsible for our thoughts. How can we be responsible for what someone told us a year ago about us and the world? How can we be responsible for our response to the horror of the world? Isn't it just a rage to correct errors? No.

We are the answers to all the thoughts we think. Every thought is simply a witness of past facts that we believe to be true. Every thought is ours to do with what we desire. We are capable, capable, and obliged to choose our answers wisely. To choose answers to our thoughts that do not harm us and others. No excuses here like "I was just so mad …" or "I didn't know what I was saying" or "I always put myself down, it's just my nature".

In order to answer our thoughts, we must be able to follow them first and not "just accept them as we do". Watching is standing aside and watching. Watching is to understand that we are not our thoughts. We are the Self who chooses what thoughts to believe and who to release. The most direct way I have found to develop this response is to practice thinking meditation. Start by deciding that your energy balance is worth at least 5 minutes a day. Take 5 minutes each day to learn this new skill. Set the clock for 5 minutes and sit quietly. Focus your attention on the air as it goes in and out of your nose. Feel the feeling of your breath, the flow of life that goes in and out of your nose. Develop the ability to track the air without controlling it. Some spirits become small, others longer. Simply follow and find everything. Soon you will have to find yourself misguided. The idea can be for dinner or conversation you had during the day, or about the weather or your schedule. As soon as you find yourself thinking, mark it as "think" and return to your breath. Go back and forth to the Spirit, every time you are distracted by your thoughts. Watch them and go back. With this work, you will begin to notice and experience the real difference between you and your thoughts. You have to develop the ability to track thought during the day for a second before responding. And in the second fraction, you can choose your response. In that choice, the moment to choose, you will have answers to your thinking. Practice 5 minutes each day and you will experience a new understanding of thoughts and thoughts. You must become aware of the thoughts you no longer want to think – reviews, criticism, time to let go. And you have to get to know the thoughts you don't think you want – happiness, joy, enthusiasm and cans!

Being an answer to your thoughts is a very constructive experience. That means no one, outside of yourself, can prevent you from not wanting to leave. That means you have moments at the moment the choice of thinking in a peaceful, calm, loving way about yourself and your world. This means that you no longer control the views of others. No longer do you have to deal with fear, negativity, and concern. That means you alone, responsive to your thinking, can fill your mind with peace, harmony, and joy. It's your turn. Commit to changing your life, thinking with thought, today.


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