How to raise your body weight and attract happiness

A few days ago, I asked my random acquaintance about the position he posted on the fbsphere. I made an innocent inquiry about it and he turned into me pretty well and went so far as to call my name ridiculous. I won't lie to you. I was surprised. Especially since we've shipped a lot more than two words for this. What could I possibly do to offer such a drawback? I thought. Now that something like this happens, it's very easy to screw down a bird "why does everyone hate me" and "I'll never be anything" and "Forty is around the corner! What am I doing with my life?" And Finally, "is it even worth living …?" And no one wants to go there, especially over something idiot like a random man who hates your name.

When this has been around three or four … a hundred times, it is possible to develop a little objectivity. A little distance where you can just press the mousepad on all of the vitreels and do not view the message as much as a messenger. Nine … and three quarters of ten, you find that the acid is more about them than you. Obviously, if you are uncomfortable, a common thought is to make someone else happy and you should feel better. I'm not sure it works because these people are missing out on dogs like dogs & # 39; does not seem always crack smile. I might lose I try not to hang around them too much.

However, go back to the messenger? You feel that the person is probably living in the misery; and everything is dark and scary in the head. You can't expect any good to stick to it. So don't take it personally. Once you reach my level, you find that you are even in you to be sympathetic to this tomb. (Perhaps little is unpleasant because you are close as happy as they are); and therefore, whatever they were trying to get you around, you just push through it and be on the way.

Because you're great. And you know it. So don't let anyone forget you.


How do you & # 39; DO & # 39; Happy?

Are you happy? How often do you experience joy in your life?

What causes you to be happy? What causes you joy?

What makes you laugh out loud?

According to, HAPPY is defined as:

1. Happy, happy or joyful, like over a particular issue: being willing to see a person.

2. Characterized by, or an indication of pleasure, pleasure or joy: a happy mood, a happy mind.

Some of the things that bring me joy are:

· Spend time with my family

· See the beauty of the world around me

· Watching children and toddlers

· Walking through fear and did something I was not sure I could do

· Make a difference to someone else's life

What brings you joy ? What makes you happy? Are you waiting for "something to happen" to be happy? What makes people good and others dissatisfied?

I think there are some things you can do to be happy, such as:

Be optimistic . If anything happens, think automatically about the good that will come. Consciously, see, find and know that everything happens for a reason and something good comes out of everything.

Focus on what you can control and what you can do about situations.

With what circumstances, think about how you passed in other words, focus on yourself, not the other person.

Living in the present . Some of the moments you experience will not come back. Enjoy every experience.

Feel gratitude . Think every day of everything you are grateful for.

Helping others who are less fortunate than you. This will help keep everything in touch.

Live be true to your values ​​. If you believe in honesty, be honest …. if you value trust, be trustworthy …. if you value reliability, show that it is self-evident.

Be careful . If you eat well, get plenty of sleep, move, etc. Then you will feel better automatically, which will affect your thinking.

Schedule FUN in your life …. visit a friend, go to a movie, go to class, try new hobbies, go for a walk, read a book; otherwise, fun might not happen – if you don't plan it.

Get yourself and become aware if you start complaining about what makes you unhappy. Then your focus will change. Look at your thoughts. They create your reality . Change to think and talk about what makes you happy.

Every day is precious, so I ask you, "What are you doing today?"

If you wait until something happens to be happy, how long are you waiting for?

Be Happy Now!

"We tend to forget that happiness does not come because we get something we do not have, nor do we admit and appreciate what we have

Frederick Keonig

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How to be happier in 2009

2008 has been an amazing year! Beautiful children have been born to happy, prospective parents. New graduates have received a job offer. Encouraged employees have been introduced to a position they love. Creative individuals have invented new gadgets and techniques to make life easy for everyone. New and old cities have experienced a business boom. After going through a lot of challenges for so many years, Newfoundland and Labrador are now in the province. Wow! But the economic crisis has somehow reduced the positive impact of all these great developments around the world. Hundreds of families have been left without a pension, employment or security. How can we be happier next year in view of these difficulties?

Set boundaries

Whether you like it or not, many will demand a portion of you – your time, your money, and your belongings. An unknown visitor will claim your contribution. Some friends want you to take responsibility for your family. And some neighbors will make unrealistic requests. If you've been living for at least 20 years, you know what I'm talking about. How many calls from network operators have you received last year, disturbing your dinner and a fun conversation with your spouse? Learn to hang up your phone and don't say diplomatic without being guilty. Set limitations on unnecessary claims from people you don't like and from organizations you hate. Reduce unnecessary interruptions that have stopped you from completing your tasks, spending more time with your family, and achieving your goals. Stop the unproductive activities you think you should "just do to please others. Use your good time on things you love to do.

Prioritize peace of mind

Peace means to be at peace with yourself and with others Your emphases affect you. You have great qualities that you need to rediscover and what you need to fall in love with. Loving ones does not mean being selfish.

Add relationships to loved ones even though they hurt you before Forgive your mistakes and let go. Learn how to express your love and dissatisfaction without provoking anger or stress, as well as resolving destructive relationships as soon as possible, and parenting abilities Observe whatever you have done. Get Respect from Others You understand, everyone who doesn't appreciate your time and your individuality doesn't understand

Focus on solving problems

Believe it or not but everyone is in trouble You are not alone. Last year, economic crunch has been a common factor that binds humanity. Falling stocks and housing prices, falling banks and bankrupt companies have caused us fear, fear and uncertainty. But people have different ways of facing a crisis. Avoiding teaching a game is one of the most logical solutions. It won't help anyone if you teach your neighbor to maximize your credit cards or for your miserable life with a nagging woman. You can't teach your friend when your boss runs you out of the coveted job after you started drinking alcohol. Fix the problem with your eyes open. Be ready to accept your drawbacks. Be strong as you change your attitude, your spending business and your ethics. If you want to change things, explore new features … and solutions.

Enjoy the moment

Enjoy what you have now, however little it may seem. At least they are yours. Don't be too consumed by what has happened yet and with what you can have in the future. Love the present. Smell the coffee in the early morning. Feel the soft snow as your carpet driveway. Enjoy fun children's jokes and giggles. Surprise your loved ones with a fuck or two. Listen. To prevent boredom, establish an activity that will keep you occupied throughout the day. Start the morning with a positive attitude and catching interests and complete your day with a heart filled with gratitude.

Setting long-term goals

In order to prevent interference and less abstract efforts, you need to know your destination. Set and achieve small goals that can help you reach the heart of your heart 10 to 20 years from then. Does it have a Victorian house in a beautiful subcategory? Is it finishing a four-year degree? Is It Growing Your Business Tenfold? Organize your success. If not, others will estimate it for you at your expense. Believe in your ability to reach out to your dreams. If you do not believe in yourself, who will? Make your dreams big enough to encourage you to act. Above all, believe in the Holy Creator as the only source of all your blessings. In his time he will provide your requests.


Conduct happiness – our Spoiling Planet

What has gone wrong? Why do we need natural resources to keep our lives alive and disappear? Why is the life we ​​dream of in danger?

I have read and listened to numerous explanations for these unexpected disasters, such as population growth, forestry and global warming. And there is no doubt that each of them is a sponsor and that their cumulative impact has pushed us to a point of strength. The question is why have we begun, participated, and continued to develop and behave in a way that has led to our well-being and to creating malicious happiness?

I believe that one of the causes of our destructive behavior is to use our desire to be happy. The United States' founding father, in their unknown wisdom, sets us the rules that are contrary to their intentions. " We have this truth to be evident that all men are created equal, that they are ready for their Creator with certain unacceptable rights which are among them life, freedom, and happiness."

Since our world has become increasingly secure, our thinking, value and therefore our behavior changed. It was no longer necessary to evaluate society. Instead, we went on our own journey to find happiness. To lend us our community projects will create and brave the institutions to handle the tasks we no longer have time to do. Ivan Illich describes the consequences of this transformation, " Companies create certificates and take seriously, insurance guarantees the heart and shakes imagination."

This change was significant in self-growth or personal happiness, became the goal and social interest or happiness experienced by contributing to something other than himself, was denied the responsibility of others.

This search was based on growing manufacturing and service sectors that accompanied our desire for personal happiness. Instead of looking in and listening to our hearts, we listen to marketers who told us how to achieve happiness. Their message, to buy and consume led to endless cycles of gaining, consuming, and chasing pleasure.

Our appetites grow exponentially and addiction to consumption. Soon one of the things was not enough; We had to have two cars, two televisions and two homes. Our food selection and items are shifted from local to international and from adequate to large-scale. This addiction served as a world economy and began the government's main task, to protect our resources, and to ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to meet their basic needs to protect and ensure the success of the free market capitalism.

Over the past 100 years, we have been gorging ourselves at the expense of our planet, deleting the resources we need to maintain life and polluting the planet with our by-products of consumption.

We face the consequences of our bingings as we stand in the woods in search of happiness. The marketing expert and their mantra are like sirens who lure fishermen with their songs, only to cause sailors & # 39; to browse their beaches. If we had just listened to Circe's wisdom as Ulysses did and closed our ears and revised their songs, we could not be hours from destroying our planet and with that opportunity for happiness.

With human history, Circe, along with poets, prophets, sages, and science, has warned and encouraged us to respect and honor the deep intercourse of our happiness and sustainability. Acquisition is temporary. Jack Kornfield in his book, The Wise Heart describes our well-being about the error of our wishes and thoughts: "We do not have our house, our car or our kids. The idea that we own or own" # 39; , the more unhappiness we harvest. "In this sense, we can live as stewards, care for things, but not be confined to the concepts of self and property."

It is time for us to take care of Circe's counsel and the actions of Ulysses and his crew. We must reject sirens greed, consumption, and possession. We must open our ears, eyes and hearts and listen to the songs of nature, cultivate the earth and weep children who are starving. These are the laws that can bring us to lasting and true happiness. Their beauty is in their suffering and honesty – they can show us the way to restore balance in our lives and to contribute to a purpose beyond us. Only in this quest can we experience our true nature, lasting happiness, and begin to heal our planet.


Pass happiness

One of the things I often met with my clients is the following:

Sasha is for a long time, over and over again, contact Fabio. When Sasha takes care of herself, the relationship goes well, but as she makes Fabio responsible for her feelings, Fabio resists and their relationship goes uneasy.

Sasha comes from parents who were convicted of her and not emotionally interested in her. She tends to treat herself in the same way as her parents treated her – judging herself and leaving her feelings. She expects Fabio to treat her as she wished her parents could treat her and become angry and teach him when he didn't. He goes away from his anger and teachings and breaks them up with him and hopes to find a man who will treat her better. After a few weeks or a few months, they come back together and the cycle starts all over.

The case for Sasha is that she has to take a loving responsibility to make herself happy because she is focused on punishing her parents for being bad parents. She is afraid that if she is happy, they will think they are good parents. They will think they have worked, and she cannot stand this thought. She would rather be miserable but have seen her happily and think they have worked. She hires her parents at Fabio and also punishes him for her misery. As with her parents, she doesn't want Fabio to think he's a good companion.

Because she abandons herself to punish her parents and Fabio, she constantly feels empty and miserable and convinces herself of her parents and Fabio. She then gets angry at Fabio for not loving her, and he resists being controlled by her. They have repeated this system for many years.

To love is more important than either or not, but her parents want or think they are good parents, she will continue to be miserable.

The same thing works at William. William cares carefully about himself as his father treated him – judging himself so hard that he often feels like leaving the earth. As soon as he begins to feel happily inside, he immediately enters the intestinal resistance and does everything he can to make himself miserable. He can't stand the thought that his father would think he was a good father. Like Sasha, he would rather be miserable but risk his father would notice him for his happiness.

If you find yourself often feel happy, sign in to make sure you are taking responsibility for making yourself happy to punish your parents or someone else. If you constantly find yourself abandoning yourself, or turning to various drugs or making someone else responsible for your feelings, be honest with yourself. Are you suffering from punishing your parents or someone else?

I've discovered over the years in my work that this is a very common issue, as strange as it may sound. People can live their entire lives – even after their parents die – against happiness to punish their parents, siblings, caregivers, or their spouses. The majority of them do not realize they are doing this. They could have made this unconscious decision when they were young. They may have told them something like, "I will never be happy (or effective or healthy or smooth, etc.). I will show my mother or father or siblings that they cannot control me. They continue this unloving task in their adult life and wonder why they are never happy or effective or healthy or smooth.

Is this you? If so, be aware that you can change your mind whenever you want. You can decide that it is more important to be happy but to control whether your parents think they are good parents or whether they think they work or manage you.


Easier ways to create happiness in your life

Most Americans know intellectually that happiness really comes from within – not without it. Our powerful culture has made us just too aware of the temporary nature of short-term, external fixes. Like a Chinese meal, we are all too often left hungry for a party such as consumerism! Hungry for more, but not knowing where to turn to, we use food, sex, work, medicine and so many other disorders of chemotherapy and pain in the abdomen. That's the right palaver, this happiness!

Surely, no one else has the power to make us happy – not for a long time, continuing. People come and people go. If we rely on another person for our happiness, we actually say Swanee. And what a massive and unreasonable responsibility to put on another person. Not to mention totally unrealistic. No, we have to get the happy pill all by ourselves … And yes, it takes a little work. But oh, it's worth it!

The secret
Change your thoughts. Nothing outside of you has the power to make you really happy. You can choose happiness, or you can choose to stay in people and situations that bring you down. Thank you. When life takes you down, check out and acknowledge all the truly wonderful things that you must be grateful for. Roll around and heal on the grass you are now. It's not always greener on the other side!

Actually, the old Bard played on his head when he wrote: "There is nothing but good or bad, but thought so."

Copyright: Gina Baksa


How to become holy and find real happiness

The meaning of dreams was disturbed by many fraud, but already a scientific method of dream interpretation, which Carl Jung discovered, became so clear after my simplification and completion of his work, everyone can confirm that this is the only method that exactly means the dream message and gives us better knowledge.

Meaning of dreams improves our expectations. When we trust our dreams according to a scientific method of dream interpretation, we have real information about our spiritual condition, the future, and many other things.

Specific information found in dreams confirms the existence of God and also the existence of Satan. It explains the meaning of life and the meaning of death, including explaining the formation of mental disorders and how to cure them.

Now that we discovered Satan's origins of conscience, we must learn how to stop being violent and unethical and reaching a weekend to stop being spiritually weak.

We believe that sanctification is something uncomfortable and more than unattainable, but the truth is that the sanctity is sound spiritual health and spiritual perfection. Holy is wisdom and kindness.

Therefore, the truth is that only a weekend can help us find true happiness.

Now that we can clearly understand the meaning of dreams, we can observe the transformation process through dream law and achieve a shorter weekend.

This process is indispensable because the Satanic adversary of our conscience is constantly trying to destroy the human conscience we receive from God to fight the absurdity that the evil spirit living in our brain imposes.

We are terrible sinners. That's why we commit ourselves to crime.

What we think is normal is actually abnormal. Our absurdity is more than widespread because we are evil and evil creates absurdity.

The information God sends in our dreams helps us understand the understanding of moral understanding because our spiritual stability is based on this knowledge.

Instead of having the behavior of cruel and immoral demons, we must choose to become wise and sensitive men.

What distinguishes rational animals from irrationality is not their intelligence.

We are different from terrible animals because of our sensitivity, our moral awareness, our goodness, compassion, and our consciousness of justice.

Cold reasoning is inhumane.

Thoughts without emotion are responsible for the creation of explosions and guns. These thoughts are killing humanity and killing all animals and plants. They are closing our development with their narrow limits. They destroy global ecosystems, destroy our planet and poison our spirits.

We must learn how to think based on goodness and wisdom and solve all problems without causing more trouble to the already difficult world.

God shows us in our dreams how we can stop making mistakes and become sensible and sensitive people, can find peace, love and genuine happiness.

We mix good and evil because we are forbidden, but the truth is that we must eliminate everything that is evil from the brain and from the world.

Evilness is always harmful and dangerous.

We must stop believing that we are smart when we are ill. Every time we are evil, we are actually the victims of our satanic conscience.

We must desire to respect God's righteousness. God's moral standards and his dreams in dreams show us how to become a perfect person.


Top 7 natural methods for inner happiness

We all yearn for "INSIDE HAPPINESS" and each one of us claims to have inner happiness as our birthright. Some need peace, some believe in freedom, and there are millions of people who perceive to make a lot of money that will bring them inner happiness. Consider whether it is possible that internal master's studies could be the birthright of all of them.

Since the beginning of the world, human beings have enjoyed knowledge and innovation. There has been a tendency to make their jobs easy, comfortable and successful in discovering and showing the greatest and perfect inventions. When we testify that the perfect timing of the sun rises, the night reaches the darkness, all four seasons are set in a timely manner, and the mother of nature grows and gives us abundance for all our days needs. Somewhere, a new tiny baby, a taste of joy in this world, grows, receives education, struggles in life, and achieves perfection.

This looks exactly the way. The publisher or Creator has divinely established every role perfectly in this creation, such as mother earth, space, fire, air, water, stars, and planets. Men are also eternal perfection. I think this is why everyone is trying to create a new, great invention. When people reach full heights or succeed, do people feel content and content? Why do they still feel inadequate, holy, and unhappy? I met some experts and very knowledgeable Saints in the Himalayas, who, after receiving degrees such as a Master's degree, a Ph.D. and a degree in medicine, were not happy. They said they were still looking and looking for purpose or something more to fulfill or make them feel good. In this computer, people are very smart and intelligent. They have achieved so much academic, physical, cognitive and material, but not inner happiness. It is necessary to be happy in our studies. What are we missing here? We need inner happiness & # 39;. One can only feel content and content if one learns himself! Just focus on "SELF" and try to dig out who you are.

Most of the time the mind works according to the age group we are in. Sometimes it becomes hyperactive and at other times it is depressed. It creates some thoughts and situations. If you do a little research on yourself and pursue an internal master's program, your search for completion or satisfaction is forever. I don't mean you go to church, temple, gurdwara or mosque and sit there an hour and worship. The master is inside, then why go somewhere? Everyone needs to invest a little time for spiritual exercise and meditation, which will lead to the right of mankind, a peaceful mind, and teach us the meaning of freedom and inner happiness. Here are 7 natural methods for experiencing Bliss:

· Meditation leads us to spirituality and teaches the meaning of life

· Pranayam (Pranayam) boosts energy and brings clarity to the brain and helps shape thinking power toward positive thoughts ] · Yoga slower positions help to discriminate the body and control the negative thoughts

· Vegetarian diet helps us to believe what is not violence

· Nurturing love, compassion, humility, compassion, compassion, compassion, giving and being polite and humble, making our lives happy, healthy and peaceful

· Simple habits of great reward

· Experience of the source has set up a true spark in each of us (All are his face)

Inner happiness is not hard to get. You need to start practicing meditation in solitude for 10 minutes to begin to draw your attention. When you taste the bliss, you'll feel focused, centered, complete, and happy for life with peace and inner happiness


Happiness is already inside you

A few months ago, I watched Wayne Dyer DVD "The Shift." In that, Dr. Dyer about as a child, we are already born with everything we need. Inside our womb, we are quite caring and God has already given us everything we need to prosper. But as soon as we are born, it is as we say, "This is all right, we will take it from here." The main point behind all this, what makes us a thing we do not have when everything we need inside us to be happy?

It sees that everyone is in the quest to find the key to happiness. Google "Grant Study" and see what it tells you … No? All right, I tell you here, Happiness is love, full danger. After tons and tons of research, many famous and smart men have come to the conclusion that finding happiness in life comes down to love. So getting back to the original idea of ​​having everything we needed already, wouldn't it include love?

Surely it would love oneself. It's like expecting someone who has never tasted an apple to know what eplan tastes like. It's the same with love. If we truly know what love is and what it is, then we must relate to it. We must have found it in our own souls to find it from another. Also, we can't give up something we don't have, so if we don't love ourselves, how can we really love others?

Looking for happiness from the outside is an endless cycle. Anyone can see the logic of the idea that it is impossible to have everything. Even so, many of us are constantly trying to feed us with external things to try to fill our inner voids. However, many will also accept the logic that the key is already in itself; yet, this is the concept of arousing fear and ideas of hard work. But do we not want to choose difficult over the impossible? You would think so. But we are happy to go back to external sources by knowing that they're just going to leave us wanting more. The reason we look for us is quite simple, it's so much easier. After all, who wants to look deep inside himself for the answers when they can just go online and buy another set of shoes they don't need. However, those who finally seek inside and find what true happiness means.


How to discover your masters and achieve your goals

Consider how Tim Tebow, the Denver Broncos quarterback, has been very critical of his talent as an NFL quarterback. Many have indicated that he should not be an NFL quarterback, and that he could not return, Tim Tebow found himself back against the wall on January 7, but he played in the AFC Wild Card game against the extremely Pittsburgh Steelers.

How did Tim Tebow go against the Pittsburgh Steelers? What did Tebow do? In the overtime meeting of these two teams from his first game, Tim Tebow longed for 80-yard contact and ended the game. Denver upset Pittsburgh and won the game.

How do you react when the back is against the wall?

Are you in trouble? Negativity will not help.

This is the time to give you everything and never stop believing in your ability to achieve the desired results.

Are You Remembering Game Six of the World Series in October 2011? It was at the bottom of the 9th inning: two broadcasts, two strikes. The Cardinals were playing Texas Rangers. The season was almost over, and Texas was away with the World Series Championship ring.

What could they do with the back against the wall? David Freese, the hometown guy, walked away from homerun and Cardinals won. The Cardinals went into play seven and won the Texas Rangers and became the World Series Champions.

What are you doing when you are down in the last play of the fourth quarter in your life situation?

Maybe it's the last test in the semester and you have to earn "A" to pass the class. It might end in the quarter and you need to close bids to meet your quota. It may be a deadline you need to meet at work.

Remember the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLII. The New England Patriots were highly supported by the New York Giants. However, Eli Manning sent David Tyree to the last two minutes of Super Bowl XLII scavenging. With this power, David Tyree ran and pushed the ball against his helmet and made the force so beautiful that it became known as "The Helmet Catch." This game was the key in Giants & # 39; 17-14 upset victory over New England Patriots.

How surprising for David Tyree to be the hero of this game. During the 2007 season, David Tyree was rare for Eli Manning, who only reached four roads and no reception for touchdowns. However, he remembers the player who handled Giants & # 39; famous helmet.

These are all examples of how champions respond when their backs are against the wall, but what makes them different from you and me?

None. There is no difference.

Athletes train and dream about the time they want to get their hands on to win the win, such as David Freese, to throw the winning list like Tim Tebow, or make an impressive grab such as Super Bowl David Tyree. This is what they live for. This is what they practice for.

When you find pressure and are not achieving your goals, try these four steps to discover your master: (1) Dig deep and be committed (2) Review your goals (3) Visualize your desired results and (4) Keep believing in you.

You have to dig deep and think like a champion. Everyone has some mastery qualities in them. However, on a demanding time, you need to dig deep, work harder, and commit to continuing to focus on your goals. It is your commitment that matters whether you achieve your goals or give up. It's your level of resilience that lets you say "I can" rather than "I can't."

Always keep your goals in mind. This is the ability to say "I will continue to prepare" and "I will continue to perfect my talents even though I cannot achieve my goals today." This commitment allows you to be ready when your opportunity comes.

Next time you feel like your back is against walls and you can't reach your goals, think about how the masters answer. Know that you can be a champion and that you are a winner.

My check to discover the Master in you is to keep faith in you.

Get started today and say "YES" to your master!

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