10 Instructions to get you through the festival

Strength is one of the words that is often thrown around, but not many people know what that really means. Emphasize being an individual process, journey, or path you take to achieve your desires and accomplishments.

In the festival, it is especially important to have the power to make a healthy choice and to maintain your understanding of personal power.

The holiday season can be a very special, wonderful time if you maintain who you are by not compromising your value or honesty. Here are some tips to help you do this:

1. Know that your vacation does not have to be based on a Hollywood image of perfection. Make sure your expectations are realistic and honest with yourself about what you can and cannot do during the period.

2. Take a mental, physical, and emotional break every single time so you can enjoy your holidays and experience life. You need to restore and recharge, so give yourself a quiet time. Escape to the room, go on a trip or go around the neighborhood. Whatever you do, you are doing it because it will make a significant difference in your angles when you return. It is very important to know that you can decide how you feel, no matter what the situation is.

3. Don't try to do everything. Get everyone to help by breaking down tasks to make things more manageable for you. Do not try to control or participate in the way they "do things" so there is less stress on you.

4. Leisure time is related to family life. If your family's life has changed because of alcoholic communication, fragmentation or death, you may need to create a new tradition that will redefine your family's shared time and give you new, more positive memories.

5. Your sexual orientation is very important. Use humor to relieve your stress. So, look at the lighter side of things and laugh, joke and be silly. Remember not to take yourself or the situation too seriously. It will only prevent your mood and peace and harmony. Laugh and you'll feel better.

6. Stop complaining or falling into the pattern of criticism, defensiveness and even withdrawal. If you have to complain, complain constructively with emphasis on solution and compromise. Your purpose is not to hurt anyone with purpose but to express yourself so that your feelings are understood. Make sure your communications are clear and accurate and not explicitly taught.

7. Refuse to be a prisoner of others' expectations. You can do less and feel good about what you have done.

8. Thank you for everything you do during the holidays. No matter how annoying, anxious, or dissatisfied you have, make your holiday as enjoyable as possible. It is in your own interest to experience a happy, not a terrible holiday.

9. Get rid of your desire to change people (friends / families). Acceptance is the only way to go so you won't be frustrated. Look at those who need "help", not like projects, but as characters in the picture. However, their changing lives are under their control.

10. Plans to make your holiday great. Use words like "best," "great", "wonderful" to describe how you feel like your holiday. Show yourself a feeling of relaxation and thank you. By forprograming how you seem to be, you set the stage until it happens. Then go back and enjoy the holidays.

The holiday season combines families and friends at a time when thoughts and actions are focused on love and good will. With pleasure, affection and open heart, your vacation can be all you hope to be and much more!


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