Conduct happiness – our Spoiling Planet

What has gone wrong? Why do we need natural resources to keep our lives alive and disappear? Why is the life we ​​dream of in danger?

I have read and listened to numerous explanations for these unexpected disasters, such as population growth, forestry and global warming. And there is no doubt that each of them is a sponsor and that their cumulative impact has pushed us to a point of strength. The question is why have we begun, participated, and continued to develop and behave in a way that has led to our well-being and to creating malicious happiness?

I believe that one of the causes of our destructive behavior is to use our desire to be happy. The United States' founding father, in their unknown wisdom, sets us the rules that are contrary to their intentions. " We have this truth to be evident that all men are created equal, that they are ready for their Creator with certain unacceptable rights which are among them life, freedom, and happiness."

Since our world has become increasingly secure, our thinking, value and therefore our behavior changed. It was no longer necessary to evaluate society. Instead, we went on our own journey to find happiness. To lend us our community projects will create and brave the institutions to handle the tasks we no longer have time to do. Ivan Illich describes the consequences of this transformation, " Companies create certificates and take seriously, insurance guarantees the heart and shakes imagination."

This change was significant in self-growth or personal happiness, became the goal and social interest or happiness experienced by contributing to something other than himself, was denied the responsibility of others.

This search was based on growing manufacturing and service sectors that accompanied our desire for personal happiness. Instead of looking in and listening to our hearts, we listen to marketers who told us how to achieve happiness. Their message, to buy and consume led to endless cycles of gaining, consuming, and chasing pleasure.

Our appetites grow exponentially and addiction to consumption. Soon one of the things was not enough; We had to have two cars, two televisions and two homes. Our food selection and items are shifted from local to international and from adequate to large-scale. This addiction served as a world economy and began the government's main task, to protect our resources, and to ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to meet their basic needs to protect and ensure the success of the free market capitalism.

Over the past 100 years, we have been gorging ourselves at the expense of our planet, deleting the resources we need to maintain life and polluting the planet with our by-products of consumption.

We face the consequences of our bingings as we stand in the woods in search of happiness. The marketing expert and their mantra are like sirens who lure fishermen with their songs, only to cause sailors & # 39; to browse their beaches. If we had just listened to Circe's wisdom as Ulysses did and closed our ears and revised their songs, we could not be hours from destroying our planet and with that opportunity for happiness.

With human history, Circe, along with poets, prophets, sages, and science, has warned and encouraged us to respect and honor the deep intercourse of our happiness and sustainability. Acquisition is temporary. Jack Kornfield in his book, The Wise Heart describes our well-being about the error of our wishes and thoughts: "We do not have our house, our car or our kids. The idea that we own or own" # 39; , the more unhappiness we harvest. "In this sense, we can live as stewards, care for things, but not be confined to the concepts of self and property."

It is time for us to take care of Circe's counsel and the actions of Ulysses and his crew. We must reject sirens greed, consumption, and possession. We must open our ears, eyes and hearts and listen to the songs of nature, cultivate the earth and weep children who are starving. These are the laws that can bring us to lasting and true happiness. Their beauty is in their suffering and honesty – they can show us the way to restore balance in our lives and to contribute to a purpose beyond us. Only in this quest can we experience our true nature, lasting happiness, and begin to heal our planet.


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