DTMMS: The Gateway Method

"Gateway Process" at Sweet Medicine SunDance Path (SMSD) guides spiritual applicants as they seek growth, knowledge, and discovery. It presents a basic plan for all the doctrines, dedications, and healing techniques that have been gathered and proven in many generations.

Gateway means opening & # 39; and is a symbolic gateway to new levels of consciousness, consciousness, and capability. In the SMSD URL there are 15 sides. These first aspects describe specific purposes designed to help students heal and discover the essence of individual beauty and ability.

First Gateway: Doctrine and Initiation
The first gate is celebration and doctrine that enables the spiritual seeker to explore their relationship with nature as a way to heal and find their way by heart. & # 39; Spiritual way with the heart is the one who calls the individual at a deep personal level and helps them to connect with the true essence of who they are.

The first portal is open to all spiritual applicants. After completing the first page, applicants may choose to become apprentices or members of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society. They choose a qualified teacher who will become a guide for the mentor. The instructor is the one who has gained certification and mastery of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path that can guide and advise others in their gateway process.

Second Gateway
The other side helps the apprentice to know and cope with his inner enemies that prevent them from achieving superior quality. These inner enemies are not people, groups, or situations, but appear like fear, anger, guilt, and false beliefs. The teachings and actions of the other faculty teacher to cope with their own shadow and find hidden gems of their true nature.

The third gate
The third gateway enters an even deeper journey of healing and self-perception. The lesson learns how to shed laws of wounds and disrespect, allowing them to see their personal story from a new emerging perspective.

In the first 3 sides, the apprentices strengthen their spiritual consciousness and begin to make positive and influential changes to their lives. With a new courage, they seek opportunities to stretch. Many begin to experience material transformation in their relationships, careers, health, family, and spiritual life.

Life adds to conditions that require attention and action. These range from the challenges of great and small to good fortune and calamity. The Gateway Process provides students with talents and abilities that enable them to cope with life's injuries with greater maturity and less stress. By gaining knowledge, they can strengthen their personality and approach life with more curiosity and wonder.


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