Easier ways to create happiness in your life

Most Americans know intellectually that happiness really comes from within – not without it. Our powerful culture has made us just too aware of the temporary nature of short-term, external fixes. Like a Chinese meal, we are all too often left hungry for a party such as consumerism! Hungry for more, but not knowing where to turn to, we use food, sex, work, medicine and so many other disorders of chemotherapy and pain in the abdomen. That's the right palaver, this happiness!

Surely, no one else has the power to make us happy – not for a long time, continuing. People come and people go. If we rely on another person for our happiness, we actually say Swanee. And what a massive and unreasonable responsibility to put on another person. Not to mention totally unrealistic. No, we have to get the happy pill all by ourselves … And yes, it takes a little work. But oh, it's worth it!

The secret
Change your thoughts. Nothing outside of you has the power to make you really happy. You can choose happiness, or you can choose to stay in people and situations that bring you down. Thank you. When life takes you down, check out and acknowledge all the truly wonderful things that you must be grateful for. Roll around and heal on the grass you are now. It's not always greener on the other side!

Actually, the old Bard played on his head when he wrote: "There is nothing but good or bad, but thought so."

Copyright: Gina Baksa


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