Forgiveness is a process: 4 steps you must take to have peace in your life

It was two weeks before Christmas and we lived with my parents in the family where I grew up. We had recently returned from West Canada and were happy to be able to offer the holiday season with those closest to us. My son was at that time and had become obsessed with everything "by fire". Lighters, candles, matches, rocks were all with great emphasis on him. It was Christmas, there were candles everywhere. We had told him of course that he shouldn't turn them on because they were very dangerous.

I woke up early in the morning two weeks before Christmas for screams of Fire! Fire! Yes. My son had lit a candle somewhere on the hill and had caused yes, you guessed it, fire. My dad started running down the stairs, one took a look and screamed for all of us to get out of the house.

Within five minutes the house was gone. It was called a Flash Fire, where the flames lick the walls and scattered through the house and took it all along in its path.

Even now it is very difficult for me to write this. As I stood there with my children, one of which led to everything starting, I saw in my unbelief, the one I grew up in and melted before my eyes. Everything was gone! All the important, priceless, cherished collectibles my parents had gathered about thirty years of living there … Gone! My grandmother's painting … irreplaceable. Photographs and homemade sweets from childhood … priceless. Awards, degrees, wedding ceremonies … priceless.

And my child was responsible for all this! I could hardly see my parents in their eyes. I was like anxiety and heartbeat as they were. How could I ever improve this abolition of our home? How could I deal with my son, who now realized what he had caused? What could be said?

Finally, I was listening to my emotional guidance system although I did not know that this was what I was doing at that time. Instead of thinking and meditating and wondering and teaching and leaving, I did this: I found. I made my feelings lead me through this mess of circumstances. I allowed myself to find all kinds of emotions … anger, resentment, resentment, sadness, perfect feeling of helplessness. And then I let them go. I forgive my son and I forgive myself . After all, it could have been a lot worse. My son was brave enough to warn us of expecting the court quickly. There was no life lost. So, I was able to work through this by using my head … but extremely with my heart.

Policies forgiveness:

1. Awareness: Before you can forgive, you must become aware of what happened and what emotional pain it caused you. Look back and explore your memory and your feelings about the situation.

2. Forgiveness: Forgiveness begins when you decide that you are no longer a way to carry your negative feelings around you. This step requires a genuine desire to let go and heal.

3. Your Rehabilitation: To rid your feelings, you need to change the way you think about the situation and everyone involved in that topic. As for my son, other people often don't work to hurt you simply. Usually, they are processing their own misunderstandings. Look out for the situation and the people to see the truth in the matter.

4. Moving forward: Try to study the lesson from the case. That is the real secret to forgiveness. Once you understand this, you can take your new wisdom and continue with grace.


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