Happiness is already inside you

A few months ago, I watched Wayne Dyer DVD "The Shift." In that, Dr. Dyer about as a child, we are already born with everything we need. Inside our womb, we are quite caring and God has already given us everything we need to prosper. But as soon as we are born, it is as we say, "This is all right, we will take it from here." The main point behind all this, what makes us a thing we do not have when everything we need inside us to be happy?

It sees that everyone is in the quest to find the key to happiness. Google "Grant Study" and see what it tells you … No? All right, I tell you here, Happiness is love, full danger. After tons and tons of research, many famous and smart men have come to the conclusion that finding happiness in life comes down to love. So getting back to the original idea of ​​having everything we needed already, wouldn't it include love?

Surely it would love oneself. It's like expecting someone who has never tasted an apple to know what eplan tastes like. It's the same with love. If we truly know what love is and what it is, then we must relate to it. We must have found it in our own souls to find it from another. Also, we can't give up something we don't have, so if we don't love ourselves, how can we really love others?

Looking for happiness from the outside is an endless cycle. Anyone can see the logic of the idea that it is impossible to have everything. Even so, many of us are constantly trying to feed us with external things to try to fill our inner voids. However, many will also accept the logic that the key is already in itself; yet, this is the concept of arousing fear and ideas of hard work. But do we not want to choose difficult over the impossible? You would think so. But we are happy to go back to external sources by knowing that they're just going to leave us wanting more. The reason we look for us is quite simple, it's so much easier. After all, who wants to look deep inside himself for the answers when they can just go online and buy another set of shoes they don't need. However, those who finally seek inside and find what true happiness means.


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