How to discover your masters and achieve your goals

Consider how Tim Tebow, the Denver Broncos quarterback, has been very critical of his talent as an NFL quarterback. Many have indicated that he should not be an NFL quarterback, and that he could not return, Tim Tebow found himself back against the wall on January 7, but he played in the AFC Wild Card game against the extremely Pittsburgh Steelers.

How did Tim Tebow go against the Pittsburgh Steelers? What did Tebow do? In the overtime meeting of these two teams from his first game, Tim Tebow longed for 80-yard contact and ended the game. Denver upset Pittsburgh and won the game.

How do you react when the back is against the wall?

Are you in trouble? Negativity will not help.

This is the time to give you everything and never stop believing in your ability to achieve the desired results.

Are You Remembering Game Six of the World Series in October 2011? It was at the bottom of the 9th inning: two broadcasts, two strikes. The Cardinals were playing Texas Rangers. The season was almost over, and Texas was away with the World Series Championship ring.

What could they do with the back against the wall? David Freese, the hometown guy, walked away from homerun and Cardinals won. The Cardinals went into play seven and won the Texas Rangers and became the World Series Champions.

What are you doing when you are down in the last play of the fourth quarter in your life situation?

Maybe it's the last test in the semester and you have to earn "A" to pass the class. It might end in the quarter and you need to close bids to meet your quota. It may be a deadline you need to meet at work.

Remember the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLII. The New England Patriots were highly supported by the New York Giants. However, Eli Manning sent David Tyree to the last two minutes of Super Bowl XLII scavenging. With this power, David Tyree ran and pushed the ball against his helmet and made the force so beautiful that it became known as "The Helmet Catch." This game was the key in Giants & # 39; 17-14 upset victory over New England Patriots.

How surprising for David Tyree to be the hero of this game. During the 2007 season, David Tyree was rare for Eli Manning, who only reached four roads and no reception for touchdowns. However, he remembers the player who handled Giants & # 39; famous helmet.

These are all examples of how champions respond when their backs are against the wall, but what makes them different from you and me?

None. There is no difference.

Athletes train and dream about the time they want to get their hands on to win the win, such as David Freese, to throw the winning list like Tim Tebow, or make an impressive grab such as Super Bowl David Tyree. This is what they live for. This is what they practice for.

When you find pressure and are not achieving your goals, try these four steps to discover your master: (1) Dig deep and be committed (2) Review your goals (3) Visualize your desired results and (4) Keep believing in you.

You have to dig deep and think like a champion. Everyone has some mastery qualities in them. However, on a demanding time, you need to dig deep, work harder, and commit to continuing to focus on your goals. It is your commitment that matters whether you achieve your goals or give up. It's your level of resilience that lets you say "I can" rather than "I can't."

Always keep your goals in mind. This is the ability to say "I will continue to prepare" and "I will continue to perfect my talents even though I cannot achieve my goals today." This commitment allows you to be ready when your opportunity comes.

Next time you feel like your back is against walls and you can't reach your goals, think about how the masters answer. Know that you can be a champion and that you are a winner.

My check to discover the Master in you is to keep faith in you.

Get started today and say "YES" to your master!

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