Laughter brings people together

Men, chimps and big monkeys are the only creatures known to laugh. Chimp Laughter is limited. It only seems to occur when there is a direct contact or when a monkey participates in a game, such as a signal, where there is a possibility of physical contact.

Human laughter is much more diverse and complex. We laugh at all sorts of things, from funny noise and slapstick to funny jokes and comic strips. But we laugh best when we are with other people.

People are about 30 times more likely to laugh in a social environment than when one is. Part of the reason is that laughter is contagious. Have you ever heard someone else's silly laugh, and did you suddenly feel cold or even double with your own laughter?

The individual of the laughter raises something inside us, something that wants to imitate or answer. That's why many TV shows use laughing songs. When we are encouraged to obey others, we have a tendency to respond better and faster to a comic comedian.

Laughter also helps bring people together. We don't think about laughter. We just do it. When we are in a group, it can start a chain reaction that reduces stress. It can be a release from a voltage build-up.

Laughter is something we can share. It reminds us of our commonality rather than our differences.

Of course, there are times when laughter can be used as a knife to cut our self-esteem and make us feel fearful. It's the difference between feeling like you're laughing at someone (bringing you together) or you're laughing (making you feel rejected).

The best way to deal with laughing is to learn to laugh at yourself. When you can do that, some things happen. First, you are no longer laughing at yourself as a person. You're actually responding to any action or situation that made the laughter second. Second, you take away the power and the breasts that may have been meant by the laughter of others. Third, you can start bridging the gap between you and those who cared for you. Laughing brings people together. Differences between groups begin to dissolve when everyone starts laughing.

You can become a magnet for others by practicing a few simple techniques. Practice smiling. It really matters both to your well-being and how others see you. Bring humor into conversations.


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