Shows gratitude – how to be grateful for your happiness

Gratitude begins with happiness and happiness leads to gratitude. Gratitude increases happiness and liberates or removes one's attention from grief or negative thoughts and feelings. The more grateful you are, the happier it will be. While happiness is natural to respond to good times, gratitude for the reasons for such happiness needs to be worshiped and practiced as it is not natural. It is only when gratitude is nurtured that it becomes natural & # 39; and a sudden response to happy experiences. So, how can one be grateful for the happiness of man? It is by deliberately showing gratitude.

There are many ways to express gratitude for the experiences and reasons for happiness. Practical advice lists me endless. By experience, let me share easy tips that have helped me feel happier every day, even in difficult times.

First, I show gratitude to God. God already knows what is within my and heart and no thoughts or words are enough to express gratitude but I have begun the day by thanking God who is the Creator of my life and the author of my destiny. I am happy because I have a life, I am still alive and traveling in the path of life. How Can I Be Grateful? So, in prayer, I quietly believe the blessings I get and thank you in advance for those who still have come (who usually come on time). Part of the morning ritual is my prayer in Psalm 103: 1-5:

"Praise the Lord, my soul! All things in me, bless His holy name!
Bless the Lord, my soul, and forget nothing of
He forgives all your offsets, He heals all your diseases,
He looses your life from the grave, surrounds you with grace and compassion.
He holds you well as long as you live so that your youth is renewed as and an eagle. "

This prayer captures my gratitude for everything that has been and hopefully my desire for the good that is yet to come. It helps me focus on the bright side of life in the face of faith, especially when going hard. As I am pleased to be blessed, I thank the presumed source of blessings. Making me feel even happier.

Second, I show gratitude to people. There are many reasons for thanking people who have helped make my life better and happier. From simple favors to enforced type ideas, there are ways of thanking people for each creation. To me, dear to me (here in Brazil), hugs and kisses are very personal and culturally indispensable. To them far and away, messages and calls are becoming. And each and every one I meet every day, I show smiles, hand quakes and embrace loaded with words of gratitude and deliberately mentioning the reasons I'm grateful for. Simple words and actions are often more than enough to make me and others feel happy and light. And when I can understand the favors I get by giving them something back or giving something to those who need it the most.

Third, I appreciate gratitude for things. Yes it is true. Things! Not only thank them but also for them. Since there are countless things around me one of them and draw attention to what they mean positive to me at the moment. I thank the cold air in the morning, the birds that grab a dawn, the trees that offer sunglasses and filters, the car that takes me to places, food etc. This exercise, the odd one may seem, just helps me to be happier through the day. Markings change depending on how you apply them or circumstances. I try to be grateful for the positive meaning that things could mean for me and others. Otherwise, there are negatives in the meaning and effect of much to make life a reason for thanksgiving and joy. Choosing them is also a lifestyle but not worth it. Resistance to them is protection of gratitude and happiness itself.

Gratitude for God, People, and Things is nothing more than a simple and less difficult demonstration of recognition and appreciation for who is and has been through them. Gratitude does not seem to cost anything. More often than not, it costs a lot for the happiness of man.


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