Vaginal Wetness Surfer – What Are Your Options

Sexual Vaginal Wetness: You May Be weaker than necessary!

Most of us assume that sex is best when it is wet, but do you feel as much as you could be intercourse? Just like a car engine, the upper and lower spacing is needed to achieve maximum results.

Too much natural lubrication (wet) at sex reduces the satisfaction of both partners. Women lose more stimulation along the vagina. People miss the corresponding & # 39; dense & # 39; feeling they love. We all have the best friction needed to make both partners more enjoyable and thus easier to highlight. This level of stimulation can be achieved by experimenting with your wet state. Sex can be much more enjoyable than what you think it is already.

The water level of women naturally increases as a fluid increase. But for some ladies, even the slightest trigger is enough to produce extravagant amounts of lubrication. If excess moisture is a problem for you, OR if you simply want to try out different levels of wetness, look for the most fun & nbsp; Feeling for your husband, what can you do?

First, it was discovered that sex is more involved than just sexual intercourse. More women reach orgasm with urination stimulation than with sexual intercourse. However, intercourse is intimate and should be adequate when possible. If it's not fun, a couple will be more than likely to be quietly removed. This is the beginning of the decline of marriage.

Secondly, you should see your doctor make sure there is no infection, abnormal or other problems that cause too much moisture, especially if there is something new. Don't take a chance!

Medical Options:

The most radical solution to excessive moisture is surgery. This should be your last resort and is rarely necessary. Another medical treatment involves freezing or locking of the cervix to reduce secretion, electromagnetic stimulation and magnetic field therapy. These treatments can often be painful, expensive and time consuming. There is no guarantee of success or that the problem will not return.

Non-therapeutic Options:

There are many options, but few are realistic ones. Here are some common things that couples try (including some "old women stories") and comments on their performance.

1) Something that dries your mouth. Generally, if it dries your mouth, it will also affect the vagina somewhat. Examples are dentistry, antihistamines, cold formulas, certain antidepressants, alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana. While this may work to some extent, fluid level and corresponding density levels cannot be controlled, not to mention that dry mouth is not as tasty during kissing and is leading to bad breath due to lack of saliva.

2) Try the Alum Shower. We've heard of this, but don't know which doctor recommends it. Aluminum responds to vagina vaginal contractions, but may be irritating and cause yeast infections. There is no way to judge how long it lasts or a way to control the amount of stress

3) Use ribs or tapes. Excessive wetness is a problem with or without a condom. Penis sleeves help people find more, but tend to die in a vagina in a few minutes and make it uncomfortable.

4) Rinse with plain water. This has some effect by reducing the amount of natural lubrication but the effect tends to disappear when the woman stimulates increases, leading to further secret lubrication.

5) Insert a sponge or cloth. One of the more embarrassing ways to do this later. Pairs find this big off. The method, however, is to wrap a thin blade / towel over a few fingers. Put your fingers to drink in the vagina. Continue with sexual intercourse. Repeat as necessary. While this method works, back in the vagina is difficult and painful because this method absorbs all of the lubrication. Within minutes, although agitation increases again, it will once again be overloaded. With this method there is no way to control the desired level of wetness and density.

6) Using a fan that blows the genitals. Not a practical solution, as it results primarily in making the pair cold, but has little effect on internal vagina formation.

7) Using pills with pills. Old woman story without value.

8) Change her body. Certain positions, such as closing the legs, activate the tightening of the vagina, but without the man having a longer than the average penis, he will find it much less enjoyable because of less penetration.

9) Insert the gut into the vagina to cause muscle contraction. Another old woman's story, not to mention the obvious discomfort.

10) vagina. Very similar in idea to kegal exercises. The idea here is to exercise the muscles of the muscles by holding an object in the vagina by bending the inner muscles. You can put heavier weight inside. The theory is sound, but women find it hard to continue in this type of program long enough to be beneficial, not to mention it like any muscle, if it is not consistently worked, it will lose strength. The other disadvantage is that in order to benefit from sexual intercourse, the woman must consciously bend her inner muscles, thus removing her ability to relax and enjoy herself.

11) Cream. There are some of these online ones that are currently marketed under many different names. If you already suffer from excessive moisture, then it is not going to add cream to the current problem. Manufacturers say the creams have increased vaginal efficacy within 15-30 minutes, but evidence suggests that some noticeable increased effects are minimal pressure. The application of the cream on the inner walls of the vagina is difficult, embarrassing and must be on time to respond to intercourse. Some of the creams contain benzocaine, alum or petroleum jelly, but nothing is recommended for insertion into the vagina. To check out more on these creams, watch the internet under vaginal hypertrophy. & # 39;

12) AbsorbShun natural powder. Is "natural" & # 39; powder that either man or woman can apply to man. It is simple and quick to use, and has a pronounced moisture absorption effect within 1-2 minutes. The more the powder is used, the more absorption, so the couple can find (and control) their optimal moisture and concentration. For more information on this product, visit

Whatever you choose, you should look for a solution that is adequate for both partners. Finding the right anointing can lead to greater sexual satisfaction, more frequent sex, and closer relationships between partners.


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