You can't manage great results

"If everything seems to be under control, you just don't go fast enough." – Mario Andretti

According to Andretti, many want to prevent progress. In a world where we are obsessed with making everything predictable and a manager loses the potential for extra performance.

In business, we have personality analysis, 360 assessment, market research and political legitimacy. It's all designed to allow for control and predictability. Without it, fear of anarchy.

With control equipment, we can wrap our lives in beautiful boxes tied with good tables. From Andretti's point of view, this happens at high cost. We miss the excitement of working with our absolute best. As we increase the amount of methods to prevent fear of unpredictability, we will always experience the opposite. We want control of fear. Perhaps we fear how we will treat ourselves when things are unmanageable. But since every event in our lives becomes foreseeable, we lose our ability to control the natural events of life – chaos.

Those who control the chaos best will be thought by leaders. Why? They seem to be able to bring order from chaos. Maybe they thought it was precious to dance with chaos rather than avoid it. Like the professional race car, the goal is to dance at high speed. If you are in control of the vehicle, you are about to slow down. The one who runs the fastest through the race wins.

In fact, the government is the enemy. Maybe it's even a myth. Most of us cannot control what we think. We have floating thoughts that seem to come from nowhere. Furthermore, when our significant others, relatives, or colleagues do something we dislike, we lose control emotionally. And we justify it by saying that it's just what it means to be human.

Perhaps it is time to become responsible people and jointly decide what it means to be human. In addition, I have no idea who made rules about what it means to be human. What if the attitude we live in is wrong? No one really asked. We simply agree with that. What if being human means you're powerful in the face of chaos? What new spiritual models should we make to have a human person? Perhaps there are sophisticated athletes who produce unusual results from these thoughts.

For years, we have been told what it means to be human. Maybe it's time to let go of what we think it means to be human and begin to find what it means. We may find that it is natural for people to be comfortable and effective in chaos. Most importantly, we might find that in chaos, we have the best chance of being all we can be. Then we want to know what it means to go fast enough.

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