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Are you finding one of the most difficult home-based filing applications to do is process your check account and keep track of the views you write and the times you use your debit card? I certainly did and started it for months and months until I was so messy in my survey account, I had to close it and start a new one. I have learned my lesson and solved some problems that cause my every dissatisfaction.

I find using copy copy copy a very good idea because I have always recorded the amount of each check. Also, every time I use a debit card, I am careful to put the receipt in my checklist. This serves as a reminder for me to update my listing. No matter what type of writing method you use, it is very important that you keep track of all your transactions in your registration form.

When you get an overview of your account from the bank, place it in a place where it will not be forgotten. I usually put it with my bills to pay. So I know I will remember to reconcile my account every month. If you throw it in a strange place, you'll certainly forget to balance your account later.

Select a certain amount of time to accept your account each month is a good practice to get into. I know life can be very devastating at times and only you know when you have enough time to spend without interruption. When you are ready, collect your account statement, your checkbook, and your registry along with all ATM transactions for the previous month.
With all that said, let's get started! I'm going to do this quickly and painlessly, I promise.

CHANGES: Any cash payments that are charged to your account, including scripts, debit cards, ATMs, fees and charges.

CREDIT: All monetary items are deposited into your account, including any deposits you make and interest you may receive.
Take on the same paper and we will create a ** worksheet to use to accept your account.

Write on the first line: CHECKBOOK BALANCE: Write the balance amount you have in your account.

Write in Second Line: BANK BALANCE: Write your final balance in your bank account.
Write in the third line: CONFIRMED item: Don't write anything next to it yet.

Your work should look like this:


BANKNOTE: $ 1,230.00


Now refer to the control file by marking next to the item have been charged. You will find these items listed in your bank account. Once you have finished, go through the registry and search for items that are not marked … put "O" next to all of these items. These are your "excellent things".

Next, list all the items that have "O" next to them under the line Outstanding Items and then add them. Add a line for this total … Total excellent items.

Now your workshop will look like this: (19659002) CHAPTER BALANCE: $ 1,002.50

BANKING: $ 1,230.00


Check # 123 $ 15.00

Check # 126 125.00

Check # 130 90.00

Total Excellent Items: 230.00

Reduced Bank Balance: $ 1,000.00

The example shows that there is a discrepancy between Checkbook Balance ($ 1,002.50) and bank balance ( $ 1,000.00) of plus (+) $ 2.50. So now you have to go fishing and find out why. Ugh!

So …. Ask yourself:

Did I add or subtract correctly? You have to check.

I forgot to add an item? Check the order of the check. Is there someone missing?

I forgot to withdraw an ATM service fee? Check all your ATM deposits to ensure that you have deducted the fee.

I forgot to deduct the bank's service fee? BINGO THAT'S IT! and it was $ 2.50!

You've settled your account and you're in BALANCE with your bank!

Draw a red line below the last balance in the directory and write "In Balance and Date" so you know this is the last time your observation fee was accepted by the bank statement. Do the same on your bank account as well. Belive me; It will save a lot of headaches down the road when you have trouble trying to settle for your account. Thus, you only have to go back to the previous red line.

** Usually found behind the bank account is a workshop similar to what we have created above. You can safely use it to accept your account. Just use the same rules as described above.


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