Are you inside or outside jargon?

In a network, the subject was used for discussion. This is a worthwhile discussion anywhere, but it seems particularly important online, as written words become the primary means of communication.

Several sub-sections appeared in our discussion, including jargon. Jargon is a powerful timekeeper, if you are inside people's circles who know its meaning. If you are out of this ring, the use of jargon can confuse, annoy or exclude you. To the extent that this is difficult for you depends on how much you want to be in the inner circle.

Entering a new subculture requires acquaintance with the nationality. Understanding acronyms, jargons, shortcuts, inside humor and insufficient phrases are all part of becoming attractive in a sub-church or inner circle. Think about the casual chatter of the internet these days compared to, for example, five years ago. Even in a lunch conversation, you will say or hear jargon like ISP, domain name, spam, virtual networks, ezines, and on and off. Not so long ago, such conversations would have been very foreign.

As a consultant and coach, I find it necessary to listen to my client's language and speak their language as much as possible. Sometimes I ask for an explanation when I'm unfamiliar with expression, but often I miss it accidentally, knowing that if that is important I will figure it out or it will come back. By being with my clients in their nationality, I can easily introduce other languages. I am constantly looking for ways to help others use language more and more constructively.

Helping people to raise their consciousness by using language is a key factor in my work. If I leave a language that I think is silly (for example, "more is less") without comment, I can easily focus on converting a language that is truly disempowering to a language that creates the appropriate change, whether the language is jargon or someone else image of a shortcut or automatic response. For example, "I hate my job, I'm really stuck, everything goes wrong." are ideas that are truly disempowering and creating self-fulfilling prophecy. A more powerful idea, usually credible to those expressing these ideas, is "I'm ready for work I love."

Efficient use of language clear meaning. When language creates confusion, not all is lost, because when confusion is open, more clarity can emerge. Language is creative. Under the language are thoughts. Thoughts described in a language become more important than thoughts that are unexplained.

One of my favorite quotes in Albert Einstein describes well: "If you can't explain something simply, you don't know enough about it."


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