Avoid "Scriptease & # 39; – 10 Ideas to Improve Your Customer Experience

& # 39; Scriptease & # 39; is one of those things that drives me mad! You have experienced what I am sure about. It happens when someone who serves you as a customer & # 39; included with the script & # 39; rather than listening to, and joining you. It's the woman in the grocery store who asks: & nbsp; Do you want help with your packaging? & # 39; when you have only bought one bottle of milk; it is the server who asks "Is your meal okay? & as he looks away and starts walking as you begin to give some comments, then it is a salesman busy with being

It's happening in many companies and the reasons are many, it's easier to follow the script in your business? Are you even guilty of Here are 10 ideas to eliminate it from your business:

1. Spot It!
Get someone to call your own business or visit it to make a query. Asking for Questions Ask them to discuss their experiences Think of a "mystery buyer" and # 39; practice. Create an ongoing response system that allows customers to tell you r it happens – give them the opportunity to get it!

2.The first rule book
In your business is a book. There is a book of rules, rules and procedures that people testify from a conversation and use daily. You will never find it! It is invisible, but it somehow lives, breathes and affects behavior in your business. Some rules are good, many are restrictive. The challenge is to discover its negative content and discard it. Examples are "We can't … & # 39; & # 39; We'll be … & # 39; and I'm not allowed … & # 39; Ask your people about it – many will quote words for

3.Champion Your Customers!
Who creates the best response from your customers in your business? Work out what they do, how they do it, what they say and how they say it! Copy it! To learn from them, encourage (and reward) them to share their experiences. What is the prize for being great with your customers in your business? (Too many, that means you have to deal with more of them, .e. much more work!).

4.Empower Your People
This is a buzzword, but true strength is to give people confidence, skill, and permission to think, expect and really do things. on support, encouragement and leadership; learning; permission is to set and share clear guidelines for everyone. "I have only allowed my people to say" Yes "to customers. If they want to say "No" then they have to talk to the Secretary and clean it first with them "Jan Carlzon, the author of the moment of truth, in his time as CEO of Scandinavian Airline Systems.

5.Mar for beliefs!
Work in front of people who can demonstrate their listening and conversation abilities, assess their ability to build a report, think about their feet, diagnose problems, be quick and create ideas, and find your recruitment process these skills? ! "We're not looking for high definition knowledge and 80% of our hiring is NOT from banking. The ability to talk about the mind, introduce their personality, and great resilience is much more important "David Mead, when he was a First Direct service manager.

6.Ban writes
Simple. Continue.

Get your team together and encourage them to get acquainted with "conversationalists", ideas for dealing with specific situations, problems and queries. "Role play & # 39; work out what works, change what not. Train People, Encourage Them to Experiment, Set Challenges, Have Fun!

8.Role Model
Sometimes we need to spark & ​​# 39; help us, sometimes we need inspiration. just someone to learn from. Who sets standards that weighed in? Don't limit yourself to your industry (you could all be poor!) Get your people to call, visit, and talk to them What makes them feel good What can you learn? No, simply do not copy them … work out what you can borrow, & # 39; Change & # 39; and & # 39; add & # 39;. Encourage your team to do the same. Why not ask your customers what they think you can learn from?

9.Measure Impacts
Review and measure the level of customer satisfaction, loyalty, repeat business, conversion rate, sales, not just call length, number of calls, or number of calls. Remember it about quality and quantity. What gets, measured, shifted to control. Let people know what's important. If they understand about customer engagement, satisfaction, and service, they can change their behavior accordingly.

10.Get your personality over
How do you want people to feel about your business? What thought do you want to do? What is your competitive advantage? Answer these questions and then respond to this … Do you have any way to communicate with our customers? If that doesn't happen, do something about it today.

& # 39; Scriptease & # 39; exists in so many companies – please make sure it doesn't happen to you!


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