Balancing Chakras with Acupuncture and Essential Oils

Chakra acupuncture combines the wisdom of ancient Indian medicine and Chinese acupuncture. In Indian traditional medicine (such as Ayurvedic Medicine), the chakras are seven major chakras. The word comes from the Sanskrit for a candlestick and # 39;. In concomitant therapies, two systems have been useful together for both diagnosis and treatment. Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils add a third level to this cure.

The seven headaches, or chakras, are the material births of the spiritual. They are located on the central part of the body, aligned with the spine from the crane to the heather area. There are many more chakras, but these seven – root, spleen, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and coracer – are the most important. Chakras correspond more or less to "organs" and "39s in Chinese medicine. Fourth chakras, for example, relate to liver and spleen in Chinese medicine. The films differ for different types of power and consciousness, such as personal power (third chakra ), sexual activity (second chakra) and creative energy (fifth chakra).

Chakras are not only concerned with energy flow in the body but also with moderate positive and negative energy from the environment, which affects physical, emotional and mental health. Chakra imbalance stems from stress, illness, poor nutrition and social and mental problems, among others. The likelihood of traditional Chinese medicine is acupuncture both in chakras and in energy flow, or in qi, along the channels or meridians. Both acupuncture and chakra circulatory system aim to restoring balance, releasing energy barriers and increasing qi.

Chakra acupuncture brings together the power of these two systems. The acupunctures that are inserted into chakra sites are believed to reach the goal of reviving the life-span and depleting the chakras.

Philosophy of aromatherapy, using essential oils, addition to Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine even further. The oil can be inhaled, applied to the hands or feet, according to a particular chakra that needs to be regenerated or simply placed within the patient's energy area. The specific oil used can also vary according to the principles of color treatment, with different colors that correspond to different chakras and specific energy. Different oils also have different influential effects.

Three treatments seamlessly combine and many offer responses to their physical and emotional needs. Like other means of healing, chakra acupuncture with aromatherapy drug is a health-free drug that takes into account that we are not just biological organisms but also spiritual animals.


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