Core Star Meditation

With regard to Reiki and the Pranic Grand Master. Virendra Thakkar, I am introducing a very powerful totally self-confident technology called Core Star Disclosure.

Hare alignment

  1. Be aware of Tan-Tien 1 and inch inches below your stomach in the center of your body. Feel the power and warmth there. Get warm as the melted core of the earth continues until it's very hot. Take a very slow and deep breath by counting 10 to 1, but steady vision of the Tan-Tien team.
  2. Be aware of the psyche in the chest 2 and inch inches below the hole in your neck. It's not the heartbeat. It's like scattered light around a candle. Soul linging and tune the soul, living here. When you connect, it feels like a bulb inflated in your chest. It has a spherical appearance. Take another set of 10 breaths, counting 10 to 1 while viewing the soul.
  3. Find the laser line from the Soul chair down through Tan-Tien in the pelvis and into the center of the earth. Take 10 deep breaths while emphasizing the essence of the earth.
  4. Focus on the laser line passing through the soul seat — Tan Tien — pelvis — the middle of the earth. Feel the strength and silence of the room.
  5. Be aware of the identity, 2 and 3 feet above the head, inch in diameter. While playing the ball, hold your letter straight, you hear tall sounds, if you are open to hearing, this is like a God-Head ID team. Take a deep breath while emphasizing your identity. Feel this little laser beam [half the size of your little finger] going on the melt core of the earth through Soul seat and Tan Tien.
  6. Feel the power. This is a rhythm. This is a bridge between heaven and earth.

Light coming from Core Star

  1. Be aware of the Core star 1and1 / 2 inches above your stomach. It's your essence

– Who you are about time, space, desire and desires.

– In this place there is no need, no pain, no desire, you are simply a creator.

Creative power moves from the core star with the Soul seat and Tan-Tien logo on a haric level.

Allow the light within the core of your star in all cells of your body, by bringing your body together in the light of the body. That light is the light core of God's star within.

Do this where it is

– Pain or illness.

– Anger or Fear.

– Suspicion or greed.


Allow the nucleus to flow through each layer of the auric field.




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