Countdown to the end of the world: What does it mean to be sealed at the end of time?

The promise of the Philadelphia Church in Revelation 3 is a promise to experience 144,000. As stated at 144,000 in Revelation 14, it was promised that Philadelphia had the Father. their name in their forehead; it will be given to them as a prize to overcome. This perspective is in reference to the conflict in the power of the wicked in great controversy between Christ and Satan.

There are three reasons why God's people will be closed to the second coming:

1. They are sealed for protection
2. They are sealed to identify
3. They are sealed for power.

Separation of God's people as a protective software recalls Israel's experience of the outpouring of ten plagues in Egypt. You will remember the arrangement that Moses commanded to set in the eve of the tenth plague. This special plague was supposed to be the death of the first born of all households. It was commanded that the blood of the Lamb be placed on the door of each house to protect them from the destruction of the angel. So it will be at the end of time with spiritual Israel.

In the hope of a tragic event affecting the earth, four angels were invited to hold back the small winds to facilitate the sealing process. The fact that the Saints will be sealed for these events seems to indicate that they will be given special protection. The magnitude of the emerging resistance will make it necessary for God to adjust its security measures to its people on earth. protection should be proportionate to the level of security threat.

What we have to understand is that after the seal is completed, the work of salvation will come to an end, then Satan will control the hearts and minds of sinful humans and over natural elements. Just imagine the confusion and chaos that will occur when the enemy is allowed to have such control. This is a kind of disaster that angels of God hold back. Therefore, the level of hostility that God's people have to deal with is of a completely different dimension from what is now achieved. Here is the need for extra protection that is much more than we are now given.

The seal of God is also a sign that identifies the people of God who belong to it. Since the closure of the gasket is the beginning of horrific events, it is important that a special identity be placed on the people of God who will distinguish them from the sinful local people in the world. In order for the angels to know who they are defending, they must have some kind of symbol that they determine.

On the other hand, there will be a time when everyone will always get a seal. While it becomes God's seal, Satan will find his forgery – the mark of the beast. Therefore, it is important to protect angels from distinguishing between God's holy ones and those who are not.

The final effect of the seal is the strength it gives to God's people. This power will be given in the outpouring of the Holy Ghost in the last days. It was said that Christ was sealed by the Father (John 6:27). This particular seal is a reference to the outpouring of God's Spirit to Jesus as he baptized when his father confirmed him as his beloved Son and Messiah. It was with this power that the Son of God could serve the multitudes with signs and miracles.

It was also said that the first disciples were closed in a similar way. Thus, the Bible describes their seal:

"Now whoever confirms us with you in Christ and anointed us is God who has sealed us and given the Spirit of the Spirit in our heart" 2Cor. 1:21, 22

"That we should be the glory of his glory, who is the first in Christ. He sealed with the promised Holy Spirit." If. 1:12, 13 The sending of the apostles and other disciples occurred after the Lord had poured out his Spirit on Pentecost. You will notice that the same work that Jesus did was performed by his disciples after the gift of the Spirit has been given. Just as it was on Pentecost, it will be at the end of time.

Based on ancient crop counterpart, will be former and subsequent rain. The purpose of the former rain is to bring the fruit to maturity, but the latter rains it and brings it to perfection. What happened at Pentecost is the former rain, but at the end of the time when 144,000 are sealed, the latter rain will be scattered. It is for this reason that they are said to be without blemish for God's throne (Rev. 14: 5). When God's people are sealed in their foreheads, they will see to it that the promises of the gift of the Spirit exist with the Prophet Joel (Joel 2).

While Joel's prophecy applies to Pentecost in another sense, it will primarily be in the outflow of the latter rain showers over the last few days. Thus, all the miracles and all the symbols that mark the early Church after Pentecost will be repeated more often when the final church is closed down on the day of redemption (Eph. 4:30). It is at that time that God's people are set up in the truth, both intellectually and spiritually, so that they cannot be brought.


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